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Girl Names Starts with the alphabet G is here...

Girl NameMeaning
GaLove; Goddess; Sing; Proud
GaalContempt, abomination.
GaandhaariMother of Kaurvas; Wife of Dhutrastra
GaangeyOf Ganga
GaangiSacred, Pure, Comparable to the ganges, Another name for Goddess Durga
GaanikaWho Sings Melodiously
GaargeeAncient Scholar
GaashTempest, commotion.
GaathaaLovely Storey
GaatriGods in Hindu Religion; Similar of Gayatri
GaayatreeSacred Verse; A Goddess
GabbaiThe back.
GabbathaHigh, elevated.
GabbieDiminutive of Gabrielle: Woman of God. A feminine form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.
GabbyDerives from gabrielle
GabiDerives from gabriela
GabrieGod is My Strength
GABRIELAGod is my strength; heroine of God
GabrieleGod's able-bodied one. Feminine of Gabriel.
GabriellVariant of Gabriela. God's able-bodied one.
GabriellaGod gives strength
GabrielleGod gives strength
GabryellaVariant of Gabriella
GabyDerives from gabrielle
GadaLucky; Mace.
GADARAfrom the top of a mountain
GadarineFrom the top of a mountain.
GADWA gift, benefit GALSAT
GAEAmyth name (mother earth)
GaelJoyful. Abbreviation of Abigail. Gael is a term for descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland: Ireland and the Isle of Man.
GaenorSmooth, light colored
GaerwnWhite fort

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