Baby Names belongs to Aridra nakshatra

Baby Names belongs to Aridra nakshatra are listed here...

Baby NameMeaning
ChhaNice; Beloved
ChhaayankThe Moon
ChhabBeauty, Splendor, Brilliance, Fashion, Form, Figure
ChhabbaGold, Silver ornament
ChhabilHandsome; Unique; Water Donation
ChhabilaHandsome; Unique
ChhabindraLord Indra
ChhagThe Sign of Zodiac Aries; Name of One of the Attendants of Lord Shiva; A Goat
ChhagalA Name of Atri / Muni / Country
ChhaganA Darling
ChhagvahanAgni; The Deity of Fire
ChhailBeautiful, Handsome
ChhailaHandsome; Unique
ChhailbehariLord Krishna
ChhailenDerived from Chhaila
ChhailiDerived from Chhaila
ChhailrajDerived from Chhaila
ChhamiyaOne who Tinkles; Fashion
ChhanakTinkling, Ringing
ChhananSweet Sound
ChhandAppearance; Pleasure; Delight; Fancy; Desire; Wilfulness
ChhandaOne who is Addicted
ChhandakThe charioteer of Lord Buddha
ChhandaliDerived from Chhand
ChhandanPleasing; Charming
ChhandilOne who is Addicted
ChhandinaPleasing; Charming
ChhanditPleasing; Charming
ChhanditaPleasing; Charming
ChhandodeviGoddess of Hymns; Verses; Name for Goddess Gaytri
ChhannaSweet Sound
ChhapGold or Silver Ring; Seal or Stamp; Insignia Representing a Lotus

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