Big Horoscope Pdf

Big Horoscope contains complete detail of your birth chart with plain English descriptions. This covers horoscope from every aspect of life and guides with suitable remedies for you into one 100+ pages printable document. Buy this report and get this in email in 24 hours.
  • Main Horoscope, chart
  • Overall description about you
  • Rashi, Lagna, Sunsign Result
  • Power of every planets on your birthchart
  • All yogas that affects your live
  • All charts with details powers
  • Two coming years, yearly prediction for you
  • Sadesathi Report
  • Kaalsarp Report
  • Mangolic Yoga report
  • Health Report
  • Career prediction
  • Love life prediction
  • Health power index for next 25 years
  • Career power index for next 25 years
  • Business power index for next 25 years
  • Love life power index for next 25 years
  • Overall Life for next 50 years
  • Transit Report
  • Numerology Prediction for you
  • Laal Kitab Prediction with remedies
  • Gemstone Report for life
  • Our recommended Gemstone for you.
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Birth Information

   Is DST (No for Indians)     

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