Baby Boy Name Starts with Letter O

Boy Names Starts with the alphabet O is here...

Boy NameMeaning
OaghavanthMonarch; King
OakPlace Name; From the Oak Tree Meadow
OakdenFrom the oak tree valley
OakesFrom the oak
OakleeFrom the Oak Tree Meadow
OakleighFrom the Oak Tree Meadow
OakleyFrom the oak - tree meadow
OaklyFrom the Oak Tree Meadow
OaksPlace Name; Near the Oak Trees
OangaranGod Muruga
OasisBeautiful; Desert
OatesVariant of Odo: Wealth.
ObadiahServes God
OBADIAH,serves God
ObaidSmall Slave
ObalInconvenience of old age.
ObaleshLord Shiva
OBASI Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "in honor of the supreme God."
Obayanaking of fire
ObedA servant; workman
Obed-EdomServant of Edom, He who serves the edomites
ObediahServes God
Obelixpillar of strength
ObhihasBelongs to World
OBI Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "heart."
Obiajuluthe heart is consoled
OBIAREUSmyth name (a Titan)
ObieThe Quality of Being Obedient; Servant of God
OBIKE Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "a strong household."
ObilThat weeps, who deserves to be bewailed.
ObothDragons, fathers, desires'
OccharPickle; Brave; Hero; Hunter
OCEANUSmyth name (father of the Oceanids)
OcelfaFrom the high plain

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