Baby Names belongs to Vishakha nakshatra

Baby Names belongs to Vishakha nakshatra are listed here...

Baby NameMeaning
TeaPrincess, aunt
TeadoirGracious gift.
TEADORAgift of God
TeaganAttractive; Good-looking.; A handsome man; One who is attractive; Ttractive,wise poet,philosopher,king. Derived from the male names Teague and Tadhg and the surname O'Tadhgain. Gaelic form of Timothy
TeahGoddess; godly. Also abbreviation of names like Althea and Dorothea. The mythological Thea was Greek goddess of light and mother of the sun; moon and dawn.
TealThe bird teal: also the blue-green color.
TealaBlue-green; A Duck
TealeSmall Fresh Water Duck
TealiaBlooming. It can be spelled Talia or Taliea.
TeamhairWhere the kings met
Teanone of the isles of scilly
TeannaFree spirit or beautiful mind.
TearraBeautiful and Talented
TearsheetKing Henry IV, Part 2' Doll Tearsheet, a woman at the Boar's Head in
TearthaHoly Place
TebahMurder, butchery, guarding of the body, a cook'
TebaliahBaptism, or goodness, of the Lord.
TebethGood, goodness
Tebogowe are thankful
TebraBright; Smart
TECAHungarian form of Teresa (reaper)
TeclaRenowned fame.
Tecwynwhite, fair
TedAbbreviation of Theodore.
TeddAbbreviation of Theodore.
TeddeyWealthy Defender; Gift of God
TeddiAbbreviation of Theodora. God given.
TeddieAbbreviation of Theodore.
Teddingtonwhere the tide ends
TeddyAbbreviation of Theodore.
TedmanRefers to St. Edmund. Also abbreviation of Theodore.
TedmondNational protector

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