Baby Boy Name Starts with Letter C

Boy Names Starts with the alphabet C is here...

Boy NameMeaning
CabalArthur's dog.
CabbonAs though understanding.
CabeVariant of surname Cable - Ropemaker.
CableRopemaker. An English surname.
CabulDispleasing, dirty.
CacanisiusSon of Nis
CaceVariant of Casey Alert: vigorous.
CachamwriMythical servant of Arthur
CachiBringer of peace.
CacueSon of Vukan.
CadabyrFrom the warrior's settlement.
CADASSI to have something of the sea
CadawgBattle sharp.
CadbyFrom the warrior's settlement.
CaddahamFrom the soldier's land.
CaddaricBattle leader
CaddarikBattle leader
CaddawycFrom the warrior's town.
CaddellVariant of Cadell: Small battle; spirit of the battle.
CaddocBattle sharp.
CaddockWar-ready; battle sharp.
CadeCircular; Round; Lumpy; Gentle; Barrel-maker
CadelVariant of Cadell: Small battle; spirit of the battle.
CadellinLegendary father of Gweir.
CadfaelWar Chieftain
CADMONmyth name
CADMUSfrom the east
Cadoganhonour in battle
CadorNephew of Arthur
CadwaladerVariant of Cadwaladr: War leader; battle leader.
CadwaladrBattle leader. This name dates back to the 7th century. More commonly used as a surname than a first name in the present day.
CadwaladyrVariant of Cadwaladr: War leader; battle leader.

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