Baby Boy Name Starts with Letter K

Boy Names Starts with the alphabet K is here...

Boy NameMeaning
KaSomething Special
KaaJoy; Happiness
KaachimWhere clouds rest, A sacred tree
KaageShadow. Alternante Spelling: Kage.
KaaiBody, Pure
KaakolTo drink water, To carry water
KaalTime, Destiny, Occasion, Black, Destruction, Death black, Another name for Krishna and Shiva
KaalappanFather of Time; Name of God
KaalikDarkness, Long-lived
KaalindiRiver Yamuna
KaaliyaA huge serpent
KaalkiLord Narayana
KaamEffort, work, sexual desire
KaamaariSon of Kings; The Enemy of Deva
KaamajBorn of Love
KaamatUnrestrained, Free
KaamodOne who grants wishes, Generous, A musical Raag
KaamranOne who Works
KaamukPassionate, Desired, Sensual, Lover
KaanchanadhwajaOne of the kauravas
KaanhaYoung, Lord Krishna
KaanhaaBaby Name of God Krishna
KaanishikAn ancient king
KaanishkAn ancient king, Small, A king who followed buddhism
KaantHusband, Adored, Precious, Pleasant, Spring, Beloved by the Moon, The Moon pleasant
KAARIA Kenyan name meaning "one who speaks softly but with wisdom."
KaarimMost Generous
KaarinPurity, To achieve, Celebrating, Happy
KaarleStrong and masculine
KaarloStrong and masculine
KaarmugilanRain-bearing Cloud
KaarmuhilanRain-bearing Cloud

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