Baby Girl Name Starts with Letter O

Girl Names Starts with the alphabet O is here...

Girl NameMeaning
OadiraPowerful. Potent.
Oafeyour descent matters
OaisaraEmpress. Wife of Caesar.; A great ruler; an empress
OakaOak Tree; From the Woods
OamraDaughter of the moon; The moon.
OANAmeaning unknown
OashniGods Precious Gift
OBAX Popular Somalian name meaning "flower."
ObedienceTo obey
OBELIApointed pillar
ObeliePointed pillar.
OberonBear heart
ObharnaitThe color of olive
ObilThat weeps, who deserves to be bewailed.
ObileshLord Narsimha
OccharPickle; Brave; Hero; Hunter
OceanaFrom the sea
Ochenone of the twins
OctaviaBeautiful star.
OctavianaEighth. Feminine of Octavius. A clan name of Roman Emperors.
OctavieBorn eighth.
Octoberborn in october
OcyaleAn Amazon.
OCYPETEmyth name (a Harpy)
OdaElfin spear
OdahingumRippling water (Chippewa)
OdakaHope and Faith
OdandaFamous land
OdaniyaLion and King
OdatiRefreshing; The Dawn; Sprinkling
OddfridBeautiful point.
OddnyNew point.
ODEfrom the road

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