Love Compatibility Astrology

Here we will discuss about the love and physical compatibility astrological match (but not the overall match). We will be very specific here. Even sometimes if a couple looks for short time relationship, it is very important to have good match in love or physical relationship between a couple that will make themselves attractive to each other.

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Love Compatibility Astrology Match
Indian Astrology defines Love Match Compatibility rules that categorize every human being into a member of similar love making nature. It also defines how a person is compatible to other category or of same category. Love and physical compatibility astrology is used to determine the love life and physical relation life of the Native. It also indicates the compatibility of the Native with his or her lover or spouse and any other question pertaining to love or physical relations. It is also used to determine how the Native himself would identify (in terms of love) his qualities in the romantic area.

In vadic astrology Love Match Compatibility is determined from the birth Star (Moon's position at birth time) .

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The Vedic astrology is one of the important studies of this era. It may be considered that since the civilization of ancient Greek, it has existence. A person’s personality is depended on the location of planet. Nowadays the advancement of technology and developments in the every side of Vedic astrological study is carried to next level. Computers have been used to study the horoscope of an individual.

Using the chart and the location of the planets an individual who has read the astrological science is capable of predicting the features and the future of a person. There is some positive energy. It is vital to use these ability is proper way. Hence you may get the result of your hard work. You may use all the energies which are positive effectively. It is a part of Vedic astrology. Wedding is an important part of our life. The features of each individual are different from others. Hence it is very much needed to go with the horoscope that the couple is rightly matched or not.

Each person does not face ideal condition in his life. There is mixture of good and bad times. Here we need to use the helping hand of astrological science. A gemstone which is selected as per the location of the planet may rot out the bad times of an individual.

 All the 27 Nakshatras (Birth Stars) have been assigned to an animal as following.

Nakshatra match table

Mongoose Uttara Ashadha Mongoose Male has no ideal partner for physical relationship. Good yoni match implies great happiness, perfect harmony and progeny between a couple.

Love Match Compatibility table is as bellow.

love compatibility table

0 - Very bad
1 - Bad
2 - Ok
3 - Good
4 - Very Good

Apart from this Position of Mangle(Mars) for both the boy and girs have to be considered, as Mangle(Mars) in 1st, 4th, 8th and 12th house implies higher physical desire.

Please note that Venus is the planet for Love. But while predicting this in astrology, we only consider this for male horoscopes. For a male, Strong Venus indicates good partner, love and pleasure. Where as for female, strong Venus makes them attractive, but can not manage good partner whom she can trust, love and can get all pleasure. For female the planet is Jupiter. So, not only 7th house lord is important to predict this but also these planets should be looked into. In each vimsottory dosha native gets into love or any other relationships.

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