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Horoscope Your wife is a real charm and so your married life is amazingly good. This should be counted for your decreased amount of tension. Your business and education will have their good times. Horoscope It is a time when you are shot with arrows of cupid. Having a great romance your life is changed now. It has its effect on your health. You have a moderate health now. Even in workplace too you are doing quite well. Free Horoscope Your good achievements and records as a player would be now remembered. And soon you will be awarded with some medal or reward, and given reverence. Horoscope Thousand of positive things may happen in your business to profit you. But in terms of a regular basis job you have a hard luck. But no bad luck would prevent your friends from helping you. Horoscope A certain lack of agreement is seen in your relationship with your better half, which is your wife. Moreover you may be at odds even with some of the relatives of your family. Horoscope Your achievements in the field of athletics or game or sports would bring you your due respect and recognition.

If you want to generate Online Free Horoscope, you need to share your birth details in the below mentioned fields of the Free Horoscope Form. This is a tool through which you can able to create Free Horoscope. This horoscope report is equipped with various important information, birth charts and astrological remedies. The report is entirely based on Indian Vedic Astrology. After analysing every single sides of Indian Astrology, we have made the Online Free horoscope or kundli tool for our visitors.

This Online Free Horoscope by Moonastro will provide you 40 pages personal horoscope report. So you are requested to fill the specific Free Horoscope Form and get below mentioned specifications of your birth chart. These are :

  • Basic Details in our
  • Planet Positions in Horoscope
  • Your Yogas in the birthchart
  • Love Compatibility in our and suggested matching
  • Romance Prediction in based on gemstone
  • Vimsottori Dashas for 120 years in our Horoscope
  • Health Prediction
  • Personality Horoscope
  • Career Prediction at
  • Education Prediction
  • Business Horoscope
  • Financial Horoscope
  • Manglik Yoga Prediction
  • Kaalsarp Yoga Prediction
  • Family Relation Report
  • Sadesathi Report
  • Transit Report
  • All divisional Charts as per moon sign astrology
  • Lal Kitab Prediction
  • Gem Stone Report – lucky gemstones list
  • Planetary Aspects and effects on each planet

These 40 pages Online Free Horoscope will give you a complete overview of your future according to your birth details. This free horoscope or Free Kundli Report contains Main Birth Chart (Lagna or Ascendant Chart). You can select East Style or North Style or South Indian Style. 

Generate Free Online Horoscope and get your personalised Health Prediction which is another important section of the section. Moonastro provides you a Health Score which is very important to make a guess about the condition of your health according to the Moon sign astrological prediction. Sadesathi is another important predictive part of this online horoscope. Through this prediction you will get the time table of the period of Sadesathi in your entire life time. This will be calculated on the basis of your birth time and other details which you have already provided in the time of generating the free online horoscope. Through Transit Report you will get the information about the current position of your entire planets in your birth chart.

This Online Free Horoscope report also shows the Basic Details. From this section you will get an overall detail. You will know your Moon Sign, your Sun Sign, your Gana, your Lagna. Basic all information are available in the page. The details about the various Planets are the next segment of the Free Janam Kundli section. Hope you will get your full satisfaction after generating and reading you personalized horoscope report or kundli report or janam patri or janam kundli in our free online horoscope generator tool. Monthly Rashiphal or Monthly prediction, yearly predictions, Gemstone Predictions, Baby Name suggestions, Palmistry, wide range knowledge and report on Vastu and many more necessary and important sections are available here.

After receiving customer request from many visitors worldwide, we have added a paid pdf online horoscope with more details with 100+ pages. This is printable pdf horoscope and available with many pages as per the features requested from visitors. Some of the important information of the horoscope are having a lifetime prediction with English description which is understandable to person without astrology knowledge. It describes physical properties of the native, character in general, education, profession, family life, health in generic way. It describes your features as your moon sign, sun sign and ascendant.

In detail this covers the planetary aspects of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. We do calculate the strength of each planet on your horoscope with a very complex logic build in. This helps us and astrologers to determine whether to go for a remedy for a planet o not. This detail horoscope calculates divisional charts and calculates position and strength of each planet on the chart. This is a very unique thing we do and very helpful to do advance astrology on this kundli.

This horoscope comes with next two years of yearly rashifal. It comes with calculations of next 25 years of health strength or weaknesses. It does same for Career, Finance, Education, Children, Marriage life for next 25 years. Ans as per Vinsottry it predicts next 50 years of overall horoscope. This is not only helpful to plan for future, also indicates the planet responsible for good or bad phase so that you can look for a remedy during the phase.

Sadesadhi dosha and its remedy in details comes in this report. It has Mangolic dosha report, Kalshap dosha report and remedy with it. It predicts all the important Yogas (among top 300 yogas) in your birth charts, which helps to understand the chart better. It predicts your health in detail with remedies in English text. It predicts Career and Marriage life or suggests compatible marriage partner.

Transit of the planet on current time and its effects is covered in very detail Many user is interested in knowing laalkitab detail and remedies describes in laalkitab. We do cover this in details here. We have a detail gemstone report added on this pdf document. The most important report here is we implemented Astrologer’s brain to think like what all astrologer considers to provide a remedy. We are the only one who recommends remedy (not just the calculations), an in our lifetime we have seen more than 90% of the time astrologers recommends only from this list. Hence this is not only useful to an astrologer but for everyone to explore in greater detail in simple language

Our paid horoscope added n3xt 50 years of horoscope for finance, career, health, education strength calculator index. These index guides whether time is favourable or not. These horoscope will help to plan early and work hard or more on the area where time is going to be bad or use opportunity where luck will be with you.

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