Chinese Astrology Free Report, a complete Prediction

Chinese Astrology Free Report
MoonAstro Brings Completely Free Chinese Birth Date Prediction For you. This Prediction Includes Chinese Astrology Free Report, your Chinese Lunar Animal Sign, Your Universal Element, Your Lunar Age and Your Magic Numbers.

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Chinese Astrology Free Report information helps to determine one's Life, Fate and Future in Chinese astrology. Note that Chinese Lunar Year is different that English year. To know how information are calculated, please visit our Chinese Calendar Section.

Characteristics assigned to the various planets have some likenesses to Western astrology, but important differences as well. Chinese astrology gives primary consideration to the movement of the moon through its 28-day orbit around the Earth. Each day is considered a different mansion, and the 28 mansions are grouped into four sets corresponding to the four phases of the moon. Detailed charts provide the data on which mansion the moon is in on any given day.

User can enter name and date of birth, from which Chinese lunar animal sign is calculated. It also calculates the Chinese elements for a person. Every animal sign has different nature, characteristic, fate or luck in various prospects of life. Similarly, elements has certain nature common and combining Chinese lunar sign and Chinese element a lot of information can be predicted about the native born on the given day.