virgo Moon Sign kanya Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
2021 may bring a mixture of good fortune, happiness, challenges and unfavorable conditions in the life of Virgo Born. In family matters, harmony and peace may be maintained. This year might bless you with the joy of child birth. Significant changes in corporate workers can be expected this year while for Virgo students 2021 may remain an average year. Problems related to familial properties may arise due to which you may lose some close relatives. This year may bring opportunities of traveling abroad for a few Virgo born.

2021 Career Prediction
2021 may bring good fortune for Virgo born in terms of Career. Better change in workplace can be expected. If you have been waiting for a transfer your wish might be fulfilled this year especially during the month of May. Keep up good behavior with co-workers in your workplace. Conflicts with female colleagues may happen in April which might create great disturbances in workplace. More respect from your subordinates and colleagues to come your way this year. There might be chances of losing jobs for some Virgo people. Some of your co-workers might turn into your rivals this year.

2021 Health Prediction
Virgo born may enjoy a persisting good health throughout this year. From April to September mild health issues related to digestion, diabetes and inflammation may arise. Pain in different parts of body might be felt which may occur due to tight work schedule. You may encounter mental disturbances, restlessness and stress. Avoiding stress through good practices may work in your favor. Partner may suffer from diseases this year.

2021 Finance Prediction
Financial stability may be intact throughout this year except for last four months (September to December). Sudden and uncontrolled expenditure during April to September may be a cause of worry for you. Lending money to others may not work in your favor in 2021. Adverse financial matters may disturb your mental peace. The months of January, May and December may be most prosperous in terms of wealth and finance for Virgo in 2021.

2021 Love Life Prediction
First few months and last few months (January - March, October to December) may be great for romantically involved couples. You can expect to get married to your lover. Obstacles in love life may occur during the months from April to August. Initial months of 2021 may be full of love and mutual respect for married couple. The duration of April to August may not be in favor. Disagreements and tension may occur between you and partner.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Virgo born might have a hard time in academic career this year. Hard work may be needed to be put in order to get success. Several distractions may come your way which may move your focus towards unnecessary things. Students appearing for competitive examinations may have to put more effort to succeed in this year. August may be the best month for students to go abroad for studies. Student aspiring to get higher studies may enjoy a good time in 2021.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Startups which may be started after November in 2021 may provide good amount of profit. Self-proprietors may be benefitted from business during the last quarter (September to December) of this year. Big investments in this year might not bring great results for Virgo. You might get help from influential individuals in business. Your own skills may be required and may bring positive results if applied properly in business matters.