Virgo Moon Sign Kanya Rashi 2018 .

Virgo Moon Sign Kanya Rashi 2018


Well it seems under the influence of this rashi, you might turn into a connoisseur of art and other talent. It is also true, that you will have a supporting economic condition. You may expect to be a parent of a lovely son. There is chance that you can be given a special title by government. Your life will be changed after marriage, and you are lucky to have a good wife. Your life will be full of glamour and money. And you can be served by a loyal servant. It is seen that you are a man of initiative. Hard work is the key of your success. There can be no doubt that you are a practical person in this year. And hey, you may become handsome very soon. Certain sophistication is an inherent quality in you, and you may also be a fashionable individual. A chance is there that you can travel to abroad this year, not only once, but several times. You can have a strategic mind, with which you can easily beat your political opponents. Your friends could be of great help to you. Sometimes you will be extremely self possessed. It is really difficult to understand you at times.


Luckily you have an auspicious luck on your mother's part. She will always be helpful to your success. Your father might be instrumental in your success story. Overall, both of them can be supportive in your life.

You are very lucky to have brothers like you do have. They will encourage a lot to win your way. But anticipation says you to be stronger. It is likely that due to some accident, you may lose one of your brothers. And a tremendous shock may rip off you.


A proper interest in fields of medicine, philosophy or architecture can bring you your respect. As a successful man of knowledge you can be given various prizes and title. You also need to do hard work. There will be some misfortune regarding your educational opportunities which you need to drive away with effort. Some illness may persist during these years. As a critic you can attain your popularity in this field.


A religious man as you are, you can never want to harm anyone around you. No harmful thought will congest your soul. As a judge or a lawyer you may gain reputation in professional life. A chance runs if you are engaged in some business like stone, wood, or some object of white color, huge success will kiss your feet. You can try in contractor business. During your age of thirty eight to forty two you will be able to construct a house for your own. During your first few years of your life you would not face any major financial crisis. But when middle ages will arrive then it is expected that you may have problems of money. You will be excellent in terms of art and culture. Therefore fields of music, dance, painting, and writing may be proven to be great success for you. After your age of thirty seven, you can improve your professional life and thereby financial standard through chemical industry, or mineral business, or business of some liquid product. This year you may realize that your professional career is just a series of change and alterations. Because of your whimsical nature you can never get stable at any field.

Romance and Marriage:

A bit of extra cautious attitude is seen in you, in case of romance. But as a husband or married person, you have a happy life. Your children might be well bred, and will be an aspect of pride in your life.


It will not be a wise idea to think of a sound health this year. You can be suffering from numerous diseases like pneumonia, arthritis, tuberculosis, low blood pressure, and more. Risk is there that you can also grow a tumor in your body.  However, keep good hope, 2018 will be fine.


As a lady of manners, your attitude is sophisticated. But if you are in love you want it to be a secret. So, about love and romance you talk with little secrecy. In your way of thinking, there are both features of good and bad, pure and profane. You do not have an inclination to lower your head especially when it is not the right occasion. To be a person of independent mind and finance, you may have to work hard. You certainly are willing to work hard without any hesitation. Your marriage is not a culmination of your romantic relationship. In this kind of an arranged marriage, you may not be as happy as you have thought before. It is very likely that your husband will not live up to your fascination. And for this reason you will not love him. This situation can entail a series of disagreement between you people. It is anticipated that you can be literally very ill this entire year. Something or other may continuously disturb you in medical terms. You may suffer from eye related problem. Discomforts regarding allergy, heart disease may persuade you throughout 2018. You might get operated several times before year ending. You should stay away from any possibility of typhoid or food poisoning. And do not be late to consult a physician if you are having some itching problem.

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