scorpio Moon Sign brischik Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
2021 may be quite a challenging year for Scorpio born. You may get new responsibilities in family. Parents' health issues may create tension in your life. Third person and relatives may interfere in your personal and love life. You may go for a family trip this year. You might have to put great attention to your father's health. Challenges in career, love life, finance and education may also be experienced this year.

2021 Career Prediction
2021 may bring challenging time for Scorpio born in career. First half of the year (January to June) may be very difficult for you as far career and work life is concerned. New problems may arise which you may overcome by much effort and hard work. Keep up good behavior and work ethics with your seniors and co-workers to avoid threats of losing your current job. Do not agree to get into new work without prior knowledge and proper planning. Chances of transfer are there for you this year. You may travel abroad on work purpose in 2021.

2021 Health Prediction
Scorpio born may not suffer from major diseases in 2021 however; minor illnesses may cause trouble to you in different times of the year. Scorpio students may suffer from sicknesses during examinations. Avoid eating junk food and pay attention to your lifestyle and dietary habits to maintain better health condition. Mental turbulences may be felt in 2021. You may get help from meditation and yoga in keeping your mind calm.

2021 Finance Prediction
2021 may not be a great year in terms of financial condition of Scorpio born. You may expect unwanted expenditures. New sources of income may open for you. Obstacles in saving money may arise. You may have arguments related to properties with others. You might spend good amount of money on familial matter and buy property. Months of July and August may bring monetary relief this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Scorpio born may face some difficulties in love life in 2021. Romantic couples who are in love relationship for long time may enjoy a stronger relation this year. March is the best month in 2021 for romantic couples to make future planning. Chances of break up may be higher during April and September. Avoiding conflicts with partner may work in your favor. Marriage proposal may make situation and relationship better between you and your partner. Scorpio born who are currently not in relationship may get into one this year. This year is going to be great and full of love for married couples. You may get great favors from your spouse.

2021 Love Life Prediction
If you consider yourself as a mediocre student you may have a difficult time in your academic career in 2021. Put great effort and work hard to get good results. Students aspiring to go abroad may get the opportunity this year especially during January, April and September. You can expect a placement in good institution if you have been planning for higher studies. Students appearing for competitive examinations may achieve success this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Scorpio born business owners may enjoy a prosperous year in 2021. The duration of March to October may bring best times for your business when you can think or invest in new projects and agree for new deals. You may come across new investors who may work in your favor in long run. This may be a good time for new projects and startups as well.