Pisces Moon Sign Meen Rashi 2018 .

Pisces Moon Sign Meen Rashi 2018


Being a native of this month, you are a handsome person. From the beginning you are rich and a charity loving man. It is possible that you have an urge to know more and learn more. Though it is only few occasions that you prefer to make yourself heard, you are a superb speaker. A kind heart lets you help people around you. In musical realm you can have a fame of your own. There is a certain sharp glow in your outward appearance. Your eyes possess a bright radiance in them that easily catch people's attention. This year can be a rich one for you in terms of your literary publications. You can also influence the field of theatre, acting, song, and have a lasting impression of your talents. Ability to work hard, dedication, and power of imagination could make you an eminent person in your professional life. If you are engaged in some office job, then also a hope for improvement is there for you.

Having a kind heart, you may take initiative to educate mass people. In social services too you can become a known face.


At very early ages, there is a possibility that you might to tolerate the pain of mother lose. This is a shock for you. But for the most part of your character, your mother's personality has a conspicuous effect. So there will be some similarities between you and your mother. While living, she could suffer a lot from fatal disease. Therefore you are always worried about her condition.

Without a benevolent mother, you find refuge in your idealistic father. His influence is thoroughly perceived in your character formation. You can be respected because of him.

It is least likely that you can have a good friendship with your brothers. For some issues of ideals or most probably about property, you both can bicker at times.


You are seen to be an enthusiastic learner. You may not distinguish between branches of learning. In every subject, namely, literature, art, philosophy, mathematics, science, medicine, your learning or knowledge is enviable. Your urge to educate yourself would allow you spend time and money in learning that much.


In this month, two kinds of person are born.  It is expected that you have quite fortunate luck in terms of money. During middle ages you can have some financial crisis to deal with. But after forty years of your age, you can overcome all of those problems. During this latter time you can witness sudden improvement in your job, or business, or self-employment. Because of your job or business, you may have to go to some distant country during this year. A man of art, you can be awarded some very reputed prize of national level. As a successful business man, people will name you.

You can lose every single penny that you have through some stupid betting stuff. However, there is chance of promotion if you work in some tea estate directed by government. It is possible for you to gain money by trying your hand at share business, lottery, or selling and buying goods. Business would be fortunate in fields of agricultural products, or clothes, or paper.

A fair chance is prevailing for you, that you can be trapped in some property issues. This can even take you to the court to resolve the matter. You can construct a school or temple by your earned money.

Romance and Marriage:

A serious chance remains for you to be engaged in some extra marital relationship. Because of this clandestine affair of yours, you may lose a major amount of your respect and reputation. Nonetheless, it is bliss for you to have a happy married life. You have fair luck in terms of your children. Among your children, you can have more daughters than sons. However, it is written in your unlucky fate, that you have to tolerate the unbearable pain of child loss.


Your lifeline is rather stretched long. After your middle ages it is possible that you may have to face different kinds of illnesses. Diseases like piles, food poisoning and others can make you worried. You should stay safe or else you can be a victim of severe accidents.


You are a cool and stable person. Though calm, you have a sore need of money, and therefore, you feel attracted towards more money. During the first half of your job life you have a random improvement in store. Even at some level of your professional career, you can go to abroad and prove yourself.

It is possible that you can immediately become a singer or actress of great popularity. It is because you have a unique love for singing and music; music is the sole resident of your heart. Your conjugal life would be of least tension like your male counterpart. Piles, various skin diseases, or diseases related to your stomach may bother you a lot during this year.

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