libra Moon Sign tula Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
Libra born may experience a curvy journey throughout 2021 with lots of ups and downs in monetary matters, relationship, health and career. This year may be a great one for students. Married individuals may expect collision with in-laws. Keeping calm in both personal and professional life may keep situations better for you. Try out meditation or other practices for a better mental health. You may need to pay extra attention to your health this year.

2021 Career Prediction
Libra born may enjoy a good work life throughout 2021. The best time of this year for career may be the months of June and July. New dimensions in career may open up in front of you this year. You can expect better change in job. A salary hike can also be expected. Keep up good relation with your seniors and colleagues as there are chances of disagreement between you and your co-workers which may lead to unwanted circumstances in workplace during the first few months (January - March) of the year.

2021 Health Prediction
Libra born may go through several illnesses throughout this year. Health issues related to Digestion may arise. There are chances of minor injuries. Avoiding junk food and controlling food consumption may lower the risks of illnesses. Mental health of Libra born may be disturbed this year. Anxiety level may remain high. Devoting your time into good habits and wellness can be beneficial for you in 2021.

2021 Finance Prediction
2021 may bring money oriented problems and worries in the life of Libra born. You may need to be cautious about unnecessary expenditure and there may be unavoidable instances and event when you may have to spend big amount of money this year. Little relief in this matter may come in the month of August. You may buy property this year. Investment in speculative markets can be very dangerous for you this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
First and last few months (January - April and September - December) of 2021 may not be great times for love life for you. From May onwards situation may get better and circumstances may lead to marriage or marriage proposal with your loved one. Problems may arise again in September. To avoid long term serious relationship issues do not indulge in rough and attacking arguments. Being affectionate towards your part may sort thing out in relationship which in turn may work in your favor. The duration of January to March may not be favorable for married couple as well. You can expect conflicts, indifference and disagreements between you and your spouse. You may expect better changes from April onwards.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Libra born students may be blessed with a flourishing academic year in 2021. Duration from April to September may be luckiest time of the year full of success and good opportunities. Students appearing for competitive examinations may keep up working hard. This year may be good for higher education for Libra students. This may be a good time for you to go for studying abroad. The months from May to August may bring immense success for students this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
2021 may be a good year for Libra born business owners. Prioritizing your business over everything may give great results and big profits this year. You may make new contacts and get new investors for your business. Partnership business owners need to be careful about legal and business documents and avoid misunderstandings with your partners. There are chances for you to get betrayal which is to come from your partners.