Libra Moon Sign Tula Rashi 2018 .

Libra Moon Sign Tula Rashi 2018


As you commence your 2018, you may groom yourself to be a witty individual. You are all interested in acquiring knowledge of various types. People in need of help certainly count on you, and you will have pleasure in serving others. You might be well conscious of your dedication towards religion. Though a wealthy man, you will have contradictory points of view. In the struggle of life you are never frightened. Not an occasion will be there on which you back of. It is possible you will suddenly turn into a man of hard work and dedication. Your nature is not stable. Sometimes you will be angry, and at the next minute you will be as cool as ice. For this reason you are not an easy person to deal with. You keep faith in God. Consequently you believe strongly what is meant by good deeds and evil deeds. Though generally of a good nature, your sweetness disappears when you listen to someone criticizing you. Some negative things you should keep in mind. One is them; you will not be a very charitable person. And the second one is that you can be a victim of various misfortunes.


Due to the lack of practical sense in part of your mother, you must suffer severely. Your mother is a person who is not very mentally strong. Therefore some lack of organization will exist in your household, leading to some hostility there. However, as a mother figure, she will never deprive you of her valuable blessings.

The saddest event of your life may be related to your father. He will be beside you every time. But you may lose him before even it should be expected. The benevolent shadow of a father will be snatched from you before it is normally anticipated.

You are a lucky man, when it comes to your brothers. They are efficient in every task. They may help you in numerous occasions. A good coordination between you and them will be present.


It is occasionally seen so auspicious luck in terms of education, as it is in your turn. There will be many people who would surrender to your learning. Your intelligence and knowledge can surpass anyone and everyone in your field. Though a talent in every field, if you try in law or philosophy, you can get more success than you hope for. Any examination you seat for will end up in good results for you.


The beginning and ending of your life will be lavish and exuberant in financial terms. But during the years thirty six and forty five a massive monetary crisis needs to be taken care of. If you are a job person, then there is immense possibility for improvement. Best result will come if you try at mine related job, or forest department job or alike. In electricity board there awaits a job for you. Only you need to focus on your career. In any sector a gradual improvement may appear in your life. You seem to be a kind of leader among your subordinate workers. They will respect you and obey you. Buy it is likely that you can have a little alliance with those in upper rank than you. In your career graph, a lot of change is discerned this year. But trust in yourself, these changes are good and will do good to you. At the specific ages of twenty seven, thirty four, forty six, and fifty four you can achieve something. Some special perks will be credited to you. Through this year you may have to bear with some bad rumors about you. Stay safe from matters of law and legal cases. Or else you can be unnecessarily dragged to these matters.

Romance and Marriage:

In romantic relationship you are a man of caution. You take every step with great safety. After marriage you will be a happy person. After some hazard, it is in this year, that you will have good luck as a father. Some of your children may go to a trip to abroad.


This is certainly a year of illness for you. A bad health will disturb you throughout a long time. You can suffer from arthritis. You can also have problems regarding your eyes. You should on the other hand consult a physician about your fluctuating blood pressure. A persistent uneasiness about your heart will be present now. Time and money will be spent because of your disease of teeth and piles. And and be always careful about some injury in your head, or it can culminate into a big reason to worry.


As a female of this Tula rashi, you may have to struggle a lot during your beginning years of life. If you can survive these periods of struggle, then it will be a huge success for you. Throughout your life you can be thankful to your efforts. But as an opportunity seeker you will do anything to accomplish your goals. People will be surprised to see you in a new garb. For your own good, you will turn into a selfish person. If there is none to hold your hand, you are sufficient and courageous enough to walk the road alone.

Though you do not possess a formal University degree, but you have skills in practice. Thereby you can be a success in practical field. You can get good paid job between your age of thirty six and forty two. However, you should not marry your romantic partner. It will not be a fortunate marriage. On the contrary, you should rather consult match makers, and study stars to marry. Your luck with children is envious. At this point of time, you can suddenly put off weight and have a slim figure.

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