leo Moon Sign simha Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
2021 is going to be a year of growth and improvement for Leo. While difficulties in many aspects of life may arise but with hard work, right effort and good decisions Leo Born can turn the difficulties in his/her favor and make this year a successful one. Special efforts might be needed to keep peace and harmony in family. Avoiding illegal activities may keep you away from extra burdens and damages.

2021 Career Prediction
First four months (January - April) of 2021 might be a little difficult for Leo born corporate workers. Disagreements with seniors may happen which may take a toll on your life in workplace. From March onwards betterment in this situation can be expected. Leo born can expect a transfer this year which might not be a wanted one. Rivalry with co-workers may start this year. During last quarter (September to December) try to connect with your colleagues in better ways which might turn things into your favor. No such changes in career may come this year. Government employees might get influential contacts and you career might take a turn towards a political one.

2021 Health Prediction
First phase of this year (January - April) may be in your favor in terms of health. Minor problems like fatigue, fever etc. may occur from May onwards. Issues related to digestive system and kidneys may arise. This year may be critical for Leos with diabetes. Mental health may be bigger concern for you than physical health throughout 2021. You can expect regular sleeping disorders. This year may contribute greatly towards personality development through challenges and opportunities.

2021 Finance Prediction
Financial stability may remain maintained for you this year. With increasing expenditure, earning may also shoot up. Indulging in illegal money making acts may be dangerous for you and might cause huge damages. Financial matters may remain a cause for stress throughout the year. You might have to spend big amount of money on family and social events. New ways of income might open for you this year. You pay spend a lot of money after travel this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Ups and downs may fill the love life of Leo in 2021. Couples can expect to tie the knot this year during April to September. You might face problems in relationship due to close relatives. Leo born who are single currently might get hitched or get into long term romantic relationship. Egoistic gestures may bring trouble in love life. Avoid argument with partner this year to keep peace in personal life.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Initial months (January to April) of 2021 may be great for Leo students. However tough time in academic career might start in May this year and this difficult phase might continue till September. You can invest time on studies this year. Hard work may pay off and provide fruitful results. For students appearing for competitive examinations this year may not be much favorable. Students aiming to go abroad on academic purpose might face trouble as well.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Business owners who run business with their spouse's name registered may enjoy good profit during 2021. There might be chances of big losses for businessmen. Investing capital may not be a good decision this year and if unavoidable, take precaution and care before making any deal. Business trips may not give fruitful results for you in 2021. New contacts and projects may come your way through existing relations.