leo Moon Sign simha Rashi Horoscope 2019


Introduction- The Sun is your master planet, and Lion your symbol. You love to hear your praises from others. You think of yourself as a great person. You have the power to have authority and rule over others. You do whatever you think is right. You cannot withstand dishonesty. You have a lot of wound marks in your body. You love to move freely. Sunday is lucky for you. You may get all forms of success on Sunday.


Nature- You are a clever person. You do not love to stay in one place. You think a lot over an issue, and so you love to do whatever comes in your way. You do not tolerate crimes and you protest against them. You are generally an arrogant person. You have your own style of thinking. You love to be alone sometimes.

Character and Habits- Your habits are much like the lion. You do not bow down to anybody else. You are bright and lustful person. You have reddish skin tone. You have a hairy body and you feel heat more than others. You have black moles on your face and foot. You are a man of gravity and brave. Your anger can make you do anything. You have the power to decide what is right and wrong. You love to work according to your culture. You are an angry person. Ou have broad chest, you love meat and physical pleasure. You think well before executing any work and do them at your ease.

Family life- This year you will have a fairly good family life. You will have several chances this year, so you better not miss them. This year your financial condition may change. Family life may increase your enemies. You may get sorrow from your children. Some friend may help you with money. Your health will remain well. Your wife and father will have health problems. If you try, you may solve some property related problem. This year is good for business investment. You have to earn by hard work. Weakness from love and affection will get over you. You may have foreign tours with your family. You will get all forms of help from your family. You will be socially popular. You will be profitable towards the end of the year. Education will be successful. Marital problems may crop up. Relation will be good with brothers and sisters. Bachelors have chances of marriage.

Financial condition- this year your economic condition will be same more or less. Hard work will bring success. Health problems may give you expenses. Land property problems may be solved. You may get back some money that you had lent. You may get some property in the name of your wife. This year your income and expenditure will be the same. Good economic results are expected at the starting and the end of the year. Be careful while any form of investment.

Health- this year will give you several health problems. Some old health problem may crop up. Be careful while you walk and travel, as you have the risk of accidents. Heart and stomach problems may suffer you. You may get bed-ridden more than once this year. Your health will cost a lot of money for treatment. Over tension over financial and family matters may degrade your health. You may get hurt by falling down. Your wife’s health will not go well. You may suffer multiple injuries. Father’s health will keep you anxious.

Job and Business- This year will bring some changes in your work life in the form of promotion and income. Job affairs can make you to go to a foreign trip. Unemployed youths will get multiple job chances, and they should not let them go. Your workplace will make new enemies but they will be defeated by you. Your friends will help you in your workplace. Lot of hard work in service will bring you economic success. Business will be more profitable than service. People involved with railways, aviation and land reforms will be highly profitable. Your fortune will shine in trade. Raw material business can be highly successful.

Education- You will get over any problem in education with your string intelligence. You will be inclined towards music studies. Keeping out music may be unlucky for you. Family problems may cause hindrances in education. Higher education may give you a foreign visit. Being attentive to studies will bear fruits at the end of exam. Science, law and medical studies are borne to bear good fortune this year. Apart from this, people involved with music, literature, acting and sports will also get success fairly well. A foreign friend may help you in studies. Your religious thoughts may encounter problems. Towards the end of life, you may go abroad and be a permanent resident of some place of pilgrimage.

Relatives- This year you will have a good relation with your relatives. Love and affection will be dominant on siblings. You will be friendly. Your friends will help you. Financially you may get helped by your relatives. Some friend from another country may help you financially.

Love and marital life- This year there will be several barriers in your marital life. But you love life may be successful. You shall remain determined and wont step back. You will be loved by females and you too will love their company. You wife may bring you good economic fortune. Your children will make you proud and happy. Love and marriage may come to you in any form. Marital life may be happy if you get married to Gemini or Leo female. Friends will help you out in love affairs. Quarrels may arise in marital life due to financial issues.


Leo females are artistic in nature. They love to keep their house clean. They have a good children fortune. Leo females are of dark complexion. They are not very tall. They have a weak body structure as they always suffer some kind of disease or the other. You love to hear others praising you. You are fortunate and well-dressed. You may get angry without any valid reason and your anger may make you do anything. You do not tolerate misdeeds and you speak against them. You are very interested in social work. You have moles on face and chest part. You are fond of fair complexioned males. You are brave and your genital development happens earlier than other females. You love to dominate over your husband. You get a lot changes in your life. You are a broad-minded person. You have the risk of falling from a high altitude.