Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi 2018 .

Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi 2018


Year 2018 will keep you brave. Perhaps, you can be rich now. Any financial crisis that might have been bothering you will end at once this year. This will probably be a healthy year for a native of this star. To tell you the negative side of this year, there is a strong chance that you will be a man of greed. This points out that your mind may be on other' success. This says much for your character, and will become a serious problem for you if goes uncontrolled. Though, if you take your excessive greed it will help you to be a pride of family,  you can be financially backing some of your friends.

Your striking character and talented speech are things of repute. Using these qualities you can try politics as a profession. Who can say? You can be a first class leader in this field. This 2018 should be spent culturally for you. Now, at this time, medical profession will also be proved to be beneficial. All the more you will be a famous man overnight. Though a man of status, you might be concerned with the sorrowful lots of other people. You are a man on whom people can count on blindly. A religious person, you will probably often see the whims at work in your mind. Whimsical mind and greed can make you fall in problem.


Being a person of bitter words, your mother may often engage in arguments with you. Yet, she will keep her dignity intact and would never yield to your shelter.  Your friendship with your brothers will not be very amusing. Rather some bitter things may continue to disturb you men. This year you may suddenly discover your father as a new man. He will provide you with much help in job and professional career. His religious attitude may influence you a little.


For you, educational luck is quite at odds. Several reasons for this adverse situation can be detected, namely your own whims, or financial shortcomings. If you have medical profession as your family business then it will be a good decision to stick to it. And this year might also bring you immediate success in fields like astrology, practice of black magic.


It is certain that you are a religious man. Improvement will not deprive you now, but not in effect. Any kind of promotion in job may come late in your life this year. On the contrary, you might have a well established business now. Because of your discontent over your professional life, you will keep changing your job or business. Ranging from mine owner, to owner of iron factory or chemical factory, or to a simple peasant, you can have these varieties of profession. This will happen more than one time that you will leave one job and take up another.

Both legal and illegal ways may be your means of earning. You will own huge amount also in business of books, or as lawyer, or as an artist, and also as being a dealer of cattle, or as wine dealer. These last two ways might make you a billionaire quite unexpected by you. Right? Though a bit of monetary problem may rise but you seem to have a golden luck to make a narrow escape from loss every time.

Romance and Marriage:

In love relationship, this 2018 may quite riddle you up. You can have difficulties to make your mind in love. After meeting with several beautiful ladies it is really tough to decide you see! However, if you finally overcome this serious problem, then you will have a really educated, intelligent wife who is also a real beauty. With the lady of life it will be a good marriage for you. However, your wife has a chance of getting operated many times.


More or less a sound health is expected this year for you. But some common disease will make you suffer, like acidity, arthritis, short sightedness, very common cough and cold and so on. The most serious illness that will perhaps bother you this year is jaundice. To avoid accidental occurring, you should keep safe distance from both water and fire. However, after every kind of safeguard, one or two extremely harmful accident may come. It is to say you may have sixty five years of life.


According to astrological analysis, if you are a Gemini female, this following year would make you more attractive, talented, and may increase your bright intelligence. You as a female will suddenly become more philanthropic and would help people a lot. Soon you will have a personality that knows how to win the show. Though, your poor ability to manage your anger may bring to you a total bunch of problem. You should use your sharp personality and reduce your anger to reach your goals.

Literature is the perfect place for your talents, as you would soon become an imaginative person. Your excessive emotion and love of expression would finally find its perfect sphere in literature only. Adding to the list of superb female writers, you may begin writing poetry or prose. Talented as you are, you will find satisfaction also in medical practice or in studying philosophy.

It is said, and said quite truly, that female love is unconstitutional. And this saying will find an accurate expression in you. To avoid this you would try lot of things to keep you cheerful all the time. Saving money does not attract you much. You may take pleasure in cooking and feeding others. You have a chance of having a girl child this year. And lastly, be ready for some gynecologic illness.

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