capricorn Moon Sign makara Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
2021 may bring both good luck and challenges in life of Capricorn born in different aspects of life. You may have to pay more attention to avoid conflict in family. For students this year is going to be great. Capricorn born is expected to get opportunities of travelling abroad. Love life may not run smoothly this year and you may be needed to put efforts to keep situation under control. You may get good opportunities to earn wealth during middle (June - September) of this year. Health may remain in your favor and you may be productive and hardworking throughout 2021.

2021 Career Prediction
Good opportunities in career are waiting for Capricorn born in 2021. You might go for trip on work purpose during initial months (January - February) this year. Hard work may bring fruitful results for you. You might reach in heights in work. Try avoiding illegal activities which might get you into nbig trouble this year. Growth may be seen in your career this year. Expect more respect from your co-workers.

2021 Health Prediction
2021 may bring good health for Capricorn born. You may get relief from chronic diseases this year. Minor health issues may be there but it won't create an impact on your work life. Meditation and yoga may become beneficial for your mental and physical fitness. Try developing good food habits. Light exercise may add to your wellness this year.

2021 Finance Prediction
Increasing rate of expenditure might be a reason of worry for you this year. Minor monetary issues might also arise. This year may be great for investments for Capricorn born. You may become an owner of ancestral properties. From second week of April to November the duration may be good for financial condition and you can expect stability in the same. New sources of income may open up this year. Avoiding unnecessary expenditures may be beneficial for you this year. Proper planning might help curbing uncontrolled expenditure.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Capricorn born may enjoy a happy and romantic love life in 2021. Surprising gestures can be expected from partner, which may bring you happiness. Romantic couples may get hitched to each other this year. Avoid harsh comments towards partner especially in March, June and July elsewise it may cause long term tension in relation. Married couples may feel indifference in the beginning of the year (January - June). Love may increase between married people in the second half (July - December) of this year. You may go for a romantic trip with your spouse or partner.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Capricorn student may enjoy a good academic year in 2021. You may overcome challenges in the field of education and complete studies in time. Students aspiring to go abroad for studies may get their wishes fulfilled in the months of January, February, August and December. Students preparing for competitive examinations may have to put more effort to succeed this year. September and November are best months of 2021 for Capricorn born to get into higher education. Do not waste time on distractive things.

2021 Love Life Prediction
2021 may be good for Capricorn business owners. You may enjoy significant prosperity during the last semester (July - December) of the year. Putting hard work and more effort at this time may help your business in long run. Partnership business owners may see huge profits after first week of September. This year may be great for startup owners and new business owners as well.