cancer Moon Sign karkat Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
2021 is going to be challenging for Cancer born. Obstacles and problems in health, relations, love life and financial matters may be seen. Conflicts with family and spouse may cause disturbances in personal life. Students may suffer from lack of concentration in studies. You may have to put extra care for serious decisions in every aspect of life throughout 2021. Precautions and hard work may be helpful to decrease the amount of damages.

2021 Career Prediction
Cancer born may enjoy significant growth in career in 2021. Promotions are expected for you during first phase (January to March) of this year. From April to August mild disturbances in workplace might occur. This year may provide you with good exposure in workplace. You might come across chances of changing workplace for better. You might be travelling abroad on work purpose.

2021 Health Prediction
You can expect to have good health during most of the year. Illnesses related to digestion and liver may occur in the time period from second week of April to mid-September. You may avoid some of these issues by maintaining a good diet. Sleep deprivation is another issue that you might suffer from this year. Mental restlessness may also occur which can be combatted by meditation. Partner may go through serious health issues this year.

2021 Finance Prediction
New doors of income may open for Cancer born in 2021. Financial stability may be maintained throughout this year in spite of challenges. Focusing on saving money may be beneficial. 2021 may bring plenty of opportunities for Cancer born to clear debts. Lending money may not be a wise decision for you during 2021 as there may be difficulty in recovering the money. You might have to spend money on spouse's health issues and other matters. However, decrease in expenditure may be seen during last few months (September to December) of the year. New sources of income might open for you as well.

2021 Love Life Prediction
First few months (January - April) of 2021 may remain favorable for romantic couples. This is a good time to get hitched with your loved one. From May onwards there might be issues between couples. Marriage proposals might get turned down. From September onwards betterment in the situation can be expected. 2021 may not be a great year for married couples. Avoid arguments and direct conflicts with your partner as it may turn towards worse pathway and lead to serious marital problems.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Cancer students might encounter obstacles in academic career in form of distractions and health issues during this year but these can be overcome by hard work and focus. Concentrate on your studies and you may enjoy great success. First fortnight of January and the month of August may bring success for students appearing for competitive examinations. Duration from April to November may be in favor for students aspiring for higher studies. Students aiming to go abroad for studies may have your dreams coming true during initial month (January) and from May to July of 2021.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Newly founded business owners may enjoy good profits in this year. 2021 is good for investing money into new projects and speculative markets. January to April may be best phase of 2021 for your business. You need to maintain good rapport with your partner in business and clear misunderstandings in polite ways to keep your business throughout this year. Indulging in Non-profit organizations may bring you respect from others this year.