aquarius Moon Sign kumbha Rashi Horoscope 2021


2021 Overall Horoscope
2021 may bring both challenges and happiness for Aquarius born in different fields. While health issues of yourself and family members may remain a reason of worry for you this year might be great for students. Good things may happen in work place. You may enjoy a romantic love life this year. You may be needed to keep your cool in different situations in order to deal with them. You might need to have clearer views on monetary problems and control expenditure.

2021 Career Prediction
Work life of Aquarius born may go through a curvy way this year. Various challenges and conflicts in work place may come your way. Months of January, April and May may bring most favorable circumstances for workers maying to change jobs and you may get a job of your choice at these points of time in 2021. Be careful with your behavior with seniors and co-workers in this year especially during June and July. The second half (July - December) may be easier for you in work place. Aquarius born can expect a transfer in this time period. Workers of agricultural sector may enjoy good profit this year.

2021 Health Prediction
Aquarius born might face health issues throughout 2021. Illnesses related to digestion, body ache and viral infections might arise. You should not take these sufferings as minor issues and pay proper attention. Exercise, good lifestyle and healthy dietary habits may help you keeping health in better condition.

2021 Finance Prediction
Aquarius born cannot expect financial prosperity in 2021. Uncontrolled expenditure may adversely affect your bank balance. Monetary issues may bring mental disturbance in your life. You should try to save money in every possible way this year. New sources of income might not open up in 2021 for you. Decrease in earning may also happen. Investments may not become profiting this year and may involve risk. Taking short cuts to earn money can turn dangerous for you during 2021. Chances of losing job are there for few individuals. You may spend money on family trips this year.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Love life may be beautiful for you in 2021. Relation with your partner may become stronger. You may take serious decisions related to relationship in this year. You can expect to get hitched with your partner during last few months (September - December) of 2021. Temporary distance may occur between you and your partner due to work but it won't cause mental distance and weakness in relationship. Married couple may also enjoy a good bonding and happy married life in 2021. Aquarius married men can expect wife's promotion and success this year. During April and May married couples may face tension in relation. Avoiding arguments with partner in this time may stop the situation from getting worse. Try to solve issues with your partner by proper communication and respectful gestures.

2021 Love Life Prediction
Capricorn students may expect good results this year. This year may be excellent for students appearing for competitive examinations if they have adequate preparations. Students of higher studies may also enjoy a good academic year in 2021.

2021 Love Life Prediction
You may have to be more careful about legal activities for your business in 2021. July, August and December may be most profiting months of this year for business owners. You may have to travel a lot on business purpose. Take enough precautionary measures before agreeing for new deal, transactions and investments.