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Virgo moon sign Kanya rashi Aries  House is Ownes by Mars (Mangle). Moon sign (Rashi) Aries  means that Moon was present in Aquarius Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based predictionVirgo  House is Ownes by (Sukra). Virgo Moon sign (Kanya Rashi) means that Moon was present in Virgo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Moon Astro Brings Free monthly report for Virgo  Moon Sign.This prediction is based on Indian Vedic Moon sign (Rashi) based astrology.

Virgo Moon Sign or Kanya Rashi, 1st november 2022 to 7th november 2022:

Starting November itself you may take your favorite tour finally. As a government employee, you may receive loads of accolades and elevation for your service. Always keep a tab on your wallet as today you may face loss of your asset. Your health will permit you to lead your life normally. You may seek spiritual solution for your problem.You must keep yourself away from your enemies who may be masked as your own relatives. Get a sudden profit in form of cash, all thanks to your lucky day today. If you are a student, then you may get an excellent result in your examination today. Get a taste of joy and mirth with the arrival of your mate with whom you had close bonding.You may earn a little less today. Do not worry, your work will impress everyone around you. You may be prone to sporadic tension which should not affect your mental wellness.You may have to explore new places, thanks to change of your job location. It will refresh your mind and help you to gain new experience both in terms of work and sightseeing.A promotion may be soon on cards thanks to the placement of your lucky stars in correct place today. Expect the good news at any time of the day.

Virgo Moon Sign or Kanya Rashi, 8th november 2022 to 14th november 2022:

You may not get much benefit if you are into transport and travel business. Do not be disheartened for there is always a silver lining in every cloud. Watch out for that!You may feel disheartened and distracted with so much commotions and negativity in your family. You may seek solace in your childrens good luck and spiritual pursuit.A severe miscalculation may result in a huge disappointment in terms pf trade returns. You may have to keep prepared for it. Be calm when talking to your father or else argument may ensue. A promotion and widespread prestige may make you reach for the cloud nine, especially if you work for law and order protection. A jolly day for you to enjoy success.have you waited for recognition and elevation in position for so long? Then this may be the day when your contribution to the police force may reap your personal and economic benefits.A helping twig at the time of the need is what a friend truly does. Virgo you may be lucky in that respect today. You may just have to be prepared to face some conflict among your closed ones. time and now you may get assistance but there are times when you can do nothing about any negativity in your backyard. Keep a close eye and let the storm pass for nothing is permanent.

Virgo Moon Sign or Kanya Rashi, 15th november 2022 to 21st november 2022:

Starting the day, you may feel like taking leave and detached from your regular affairs. However, once you receive a boost from your mate, there is nothing that could stop you actually. Sometimes a sense of disillusioned is necessary to see what needs to be remedied and help you to achieve perfection. Your perfectionist nature would overcome everything that you want. A fresh day start everything afresh with full of energy, you may take the help thanks to all the help you will receive from every quarters. Nothing can stop you today. Take a trip and let your hair down, it may rejuvenate you from all your impending stress and rise of your enemies. A regular income and expenditure is expected too. A steady inflow of cash may also help you to spend judiciously. Do some investment on fashion and grocery. It will help you to earn side by side apart from your other work. Keep a strict check on your wifes diet that may go astray. A bad decision in work may lead to severe salary deduction. Folks may clash but keep your head cool. Seek some meditation to change and freshen up your mind and concentration. A good day to pursue some fitness program that may definitely yield some result.

Virgo Moon Sign or Kanya Rashi, 22nd november 2022 to 30th november 2022:

A tensed mind may also hamper some work. You may have to think about having children which may actually make you worried about the future planning involved with it. Not every day you can get what you hope for. Every day is not same. A bit of transaction may cost you nothing but may help you to ace up your activity more. A fitness program will help you to achieve something that is actually good for your body. Do not get involved in office politics too much that can hamper your reputation. An excellent day to fill up your pocket, make as much as much money as you can for the day is favourable totally to you. If you are thinking to expand your business, then this is the time. Traders are having their bit of luck today with fabulous game changing decision that can change the face of your trade to a whole new level. Do not exchange and be attentive to your partner. Spend a romantic day filled with romantic moments with your lover. Yes, some splurging may be needed for impression. Expect some latest opportunities and ideas. Do not start anything new today and stick to your old work or methods whatever you are doing. Starting something new may not be best idea today. You may have to constantly look out to build up your social connection effectively. Because through this you may get a much needed boost in your savings finally. A day full of profit if you are dealing with gemstones. Dealing with lifesaving equipment may bring surplus. A great aggression in domestic front may increase your anxiety.

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