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Leo moon sign Simha rashi Aries  House is Ownes by Mars (Mangle). Moon sign (Rashi) Aries  means that Moon was present in Aquarius Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based predictionLeo  House is Ownes by (Sukra). Leo Moon sign (Simha Rashi) means that Moon was present in Leo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Moon Astro Brings Free monthly report for Leo  Moon Sign.This prediction is based on Indian Vedic Moon sign (Rashi) based astrology.

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi, 1st october 2022 to 7th october 2022:

Leo tends to go for some dynamic professions that require travelling. And today, they may not be disappointed a bit. You may think about getting successful which you may finally get today.If you are into the business of export and import, then today may be the day, you may suddenly get a profitable contract. Your digestive issue may torment you. But a great harmony with your spouse may happen. Your friends would give you some valuable and fruitful advice that may bring your business that much needed boost. Working professionals too may achieve bigger feat.You may have to face delays and hurdles in small activities. An unexpectedly passionate time with your partner may give you ultimate happiness. You may be in your fittest form today both in terms of physical and mental structure. You may indulge in some wellness activities and therapy to boost up your health and glow.Yet another day when your health will remain as it was. However, mentally, you may need to harden yourself with unexpected confrontations created by misunderstandings.Your restlessness may cause you a consequential amount of mood swings. It may make you disinterested towards your mundane life and you may seek for changes.

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi, 8th october 2022 to 14th october 2022:

You may have to be extra careful with your money dealings today as you may incur loss due to miscalculation. You may have marital discord that may make you frustrated towards your activities.A dark cloud may be lurking in your domestic arena that may lead to some thunderous altercations. Your disinterest towards your work continues and you may freak out.Your wife may have serious disagreement with what you do. Get ready to get a good news of possibilities of having offspring. You may levy up your intellectual capacity. you may have to give a great deal of thought about the impending marriage of your daughter. You may gain respect by performing your daily activities up to the mark.Lots of your tension and restless would gradually lessen and your health may improve at a considerable amount. Take this days as an off day.You may have a very regular and ordinary day today with nothing remarkable. The fact is that you may have to earn and invest it equally is actually every mans story.You may finally experience calm and serenity prevailing under your roof. It may give a loads of psychological satisfaction which is very important for youre at this juncture.

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi, 15th october 2022 to 21st october 2022:

You may have a great day if you are self employed. An excellent meeting with your prospective clients may land you a bigger contract or customer. A great deal of physically strenuous activity is expected. You get a new opportunity that may bring you bigger pay scale and great chance of career growth.You may have to fret about any decision that you are going to make. A bloody injury may hurt you and make you bed ridden. Your friends may play an important role in your quick healing.Finally you may be cured from any long term ailments that you have been suffering from. Your luck may favour you greatly in terms of your daily affairs.A day when you have to brace yourself for some substantial magnanimity of financial loss. Your professional front too is not looking bright and favourable.A tension and stress may not be ruled out especially in terms of the money matters and health concerns. You may have an average day in business affairs.You must be prepared to face a great adversity and shortage of money. Your business may run on very average basis. Beware of liver related ailments.

Leo Moon Sign or Simha Rashi, 22nd october 2022 to 31st october 2022:

Your health may fail your endeavour to excel in your profession. It may cause you distraction. You may have to confront your opponents. It may affect your body fitness. You may get some positive influence from your extended clan. Businessmen have to suffer loss after loss. You may benefit if you are into service. You may get some rising success in your field of profession for the perfection you put in small tasks. You may manage a little extra income which may be spent readily.You may derive immense thrill and fun with the enthralling adventure trip. You may have a gala time with your gang enjoying to the fullest.You may immensely have some good state of metabolic function running through you. Your professional expertise may make you shine among your peers.You may have to take some loans in order to buy or start something. That may make you restless. However, you may benefit many better opportunity in the professional front.You may have to endure a sort of domestic conflict to the core. Those who are in relationship may also suffer due to differences in the opinion.You may have a bad day in business dealings. You may have to endure a bigger loss of your already limited finance. It may result in discord. You may have a conflict with your father that may result in negative opinion of the rest of your family. Your income would also be lesser than other days.You may have to be calm and keep yourself away from any kind of new investment. Its better to finish all the huge pending tasks at one go rather than taking new ones.

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