Sunsign Compatibility of
Taurus boy and Sagittarius girl

It is a very conflicting combination. There is hardly chance of happy and sweet moments. Sagittarius is governed by planet Jupiter which is full of luck. Sagittarius is full of hopefulness. But Taurus is always busy in preparing for hard times. Taurus is practical in nature. But Sagittarius may make Taurus as morose and gloomy. Taurus does not vacillate. But Sagittarius is flexible in nature. Hence it is seem that he or she will restrict the own expenditure for accommodating Taurus requirement. Sagittarius is fond of studying and needs to roam every now and then. It is a fact that Taurus cannot understand the needs of roaming but he or she will earn Taurus respect on behalf of his or her works. Taurus also earns a good income.

Owing to Tauruss firmed mind there will be some sort of problems in the early stage of relation with Sagittarius. Taurus is extremely possessive. The way of expressing is different from Sagittarius. Taurus believes something needs to be unspoken though your partner Sagittarius will never agree on this point. Hence Taurus may feel him or herself at the difficult moment. If Taurus brings his or her feelings to Sagittarius then Sagittarius will feel sorry after coming to know that it hurts Taurus. Sagittarius is blind to his or her unkind frankness. It may be a problem to Taurus to accept.

Sagittarius and Taurus hold same perspective about finance and trade. If Taurus and Sagittarius both of you work as union then it will be a profitable and fun making venture. Sagittarius illuminates Taurus house with money and Taurus illuminates the house of Sagittarius with everyday service and works. Both are born to be worked together. Taurus should not hesitate asking for help as the intelligence and influence of Sagittarius will ensure Taurus the victory.

You will be satisfied in lovemaking as Sagittarius is of fire sign. It sparks at the time of physical relation with his or her partner. Sagittarius lusts for completely physical desire. On the other hand, Taurus is sensual and passionate. But Taurus is not as much romantic as Sagittarius. The earthiness prohibits Taurus for a complete surrender and it is what a Sagittarius wants form his or her partner. Sagittarius makes it easy to Taurus though he or she will not make out the reason behind it. Taurus may be astonished at the behaviour of Sagittarius as Sagittarius scrutinise the physical relation very closely. If it happens then Taurus must realise that the time is come when Taurus need to surrender completely to Sagittarius.

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