Sunsign Compatibility of
Taurus boy and Gemini girl

Gemini is the very next Sun Sign after Taurus in Zodiac. Hence in the celestial perception Gemini experiences that chances may lost or dreams may broken if one tries to remain in the safest side for too long. And Gemini is not the one who allows it to take place. Gemini hardly thinks anything before action. A Gemini Sun Sign is strong-minded to go forward. He or she likes taking chances in his or her path.

A Gemini native is intelligent, smart, amusing, eloquent, flexible and resourceful. He or she shines in the field of sales, travel agency or any public related sectors. On the other hand, Taurus Sun Sign is like to calm. You hardly share anything with people. He or she tries to keep away from taking chances. Taurus people are sensible enough to stay away from the same.

Gemini native is full of data and knowledge. Gemini will be happy in some trifle material items. A Gemini native thinks these kinds of item may drag Gemini down. And in it is absolutely to Gemini. In case of Taurus, you need material comfort. You like to enjoy the beauty. Taurus cannot fathom how Gemini can work all the time. Gemini hardly sleeps and it is the main wondering point to Taurus. Gemini may be tough to maintain with. On the other side, Gemini cannot understand the reason behind so much sleeping of Taurus. Gemini also astonishes at the delayed action of Taurus. Gemini Sun Sign hardly possess patience. But Taurus Sun Sign is full of patience. And it is another gap between Taurus and Gemini and they need to make a bridge.

Gemini has the inclination towards fast people. In spite of that Gemini has the capability of copying the action of his or her partner during lovemaking. Usually, Taurus is very erotic and emotional. But Gemini is not so much erotic or touching. Physical relation is exhilarating to the Gemini Sun Sign. But Taurus does not think lovemaking is the all important factor. Gemini is flexible though you are stick in your own way.

Gemini is full of strategy and perception. But a Taurus Sun Sign is rely on practical experiences. Gemini is damn freedom lover person. But you are conservative. Taurus may find him or herself in difficult if he or she face a fuss. But your Gemini partner is expert in these things. He or she boldly faces these situations and comes with a flying colour. Taurus is not capable of save his or her position if it is challenged. It is a very hard combination. Hence it is advisable to the Taurus Sun Sign if Gemini cannot make out then you should allow Gemini to know your feelings. It may be solved by communication.

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