Sunsign Compatibility of
Taurus boy and Capricorn girl

It is a very good combination. Taurus and Capricorn possess the earth sign. Hence it is clear that both of you realise each other spontaneously.

The most important factor in this combination is Capricorn Sun Sign inspires Taurus. Taurus is not satisfied remaining in a confide place. And Capricorn assists his or her lover in this respect. Capricorn leads Taurus to climb up the top of success. Taurus looks comfortable only in top. Capricorn native is industrious. Capricorn resolute to get success, for this reason he or she is ready to do any hard work. Capricorn is also a reliable partner. Alike Taurus he or she excels in finance. Taurus as well as Capricorn needs social support. None of you like to embarrass other people.

A Capricorn native possesses a good humour. The planet Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. Hence Capricorn is serious in every matter. Capricorn is funny in nature. But he or she is practical also. Hence a Capricorn native can understand that after every happy moment there is sorrow or vice-versa, especially in case of love. Taurus has to assure Capricorn that Taurus does not possess any secret plan. It is fact that Capricorn does not able to forget his or her past which disappoints him or her very much. The reason is Saturn does not forget anything. Taurus may realise that Capricorn attentively saving him or herself so that it does not occur again. Taurus has to praise and reassure Capricorn. Capricorn loves the pure of heart of a Taurus. Sometimes Capricorn respects Taurus possessiveness.

Capricorn Sun Sign is expert in art and drawing. He or she has the fondness about art and music. The Sun of Capricorn locates in the fifth house of Taurus. It not only governs love but also creativity. The communication between Taurus and Capricorn is very good. Both of you like to discuss education, religion and nurturing. Taurus simply talks about the ambition and dream. Owing to Sun sign both of you understand each other amazingly.

Taurus seduces Capricorn with spirituality and sensuality at the time of lovemaking. Taurus is very good lover owing to the fantastic sensitiveness. Taurus is capable of using all 5 senses greatly. Relaxing is not possible for a Capricorn native while lovemaking. He or she will be very pleased if Taurus takes the initial charge of lovemaking. Getting aroused Capricorn will take over the charge from Taurus. Capricorn and Taurus lover is made for each other.

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