Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Taurus girl

The combination between Scorpio and Taurus is wonderful. Both of you are exactly opposite of each other. Taurus is on the 2nd position in zodiac whereas Scorpio is the 8th sign in zodiac. Taurus is earth element. And you are water element. Therefore it will be a productive combination.

Neither Scorpio nor Taurus is social philandering like Aries and Libra. Both of prefers to stay at home and listen some music. Both of you enjoy watching movies together. After that it is the time of lovemaking.

Scorpio as well as Taurus possesses a healthy and good approach to the physical relation. Both of you feel that the weekend is made for involving in physical relation and producing romantic moments. Both of you reply the needs of each other perfectly at the time of lovemaking. After completion of lovemaking both of you are satisfied mentally and physically. Normally, a Taurus native has patience. He or she likes to take sometime during conjugal relation. It will make you delighted. Taurus behaves politely whether it is the time of physical relation or taking meal. Taurus likes to enjoy every moments of life. Scorpio wishes to look at the depth of Taurus spirit. But Taurus does not wish the same. Taurus has an open hearted personality. Hence he or she will tell Scorpio everything whatever Scorpio wants to know. It is good for this relation. At the early of the relation you are a bit curious about your Taurus. Therefore Scorpio does not like to disclose everything about own at the initial stage.

Both Scorpio and Taurus are possessive and have the inclination towards jealousy. So fortunately, you make out each other simply. Scorpios eruption of anger will not mess up the Taurus who is ruled by the planet Venus. Your partner will be able to escape from your fury with a motion as Taurus knows very well it will pass quickly. Both of you are favour of daily schedule over regular changes in the lifestyle. It will be tiring and wasting of time to both of you.

Loyalty is the main foundation in this relationship as neither Scorpio nor Taurus wish to tell each others stories of life to other people. a very good physical relation will assist to continue closeness for many years. The sensuous behaviour will make sure that you carry on enjoying each others appeals. Hence Scorpio should go for Taurus if Scorpio wishes to spend a happy life and conjugal relation as well.

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