Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Scorpio girl

The combination of Scorpio and Scorpio has the potentiality to get success. Both Scorpio male and female are emotional, physical and expressive. Neither male Scorpio nor female Scorpio wishes to get out from bed. You will produce energy like nuclear reaction at the time of lovemaking. You will have a firecracker relation. The bonding between two Scorpios will be good enough. Both male and female Scorpios emotions run very deep and powerful. Jointly you will create an atmosphere of love around you which will not be broken through by the outsider.

There are some difficulties also in this relation. Scorpio native is possessive in nature; particularly it will create a big problem at the initial stage of your relationship. Both of you will monitor each others ins and outs very closely. Both male and female Scorpio love to know much more about his or her partner than the partner share about his or her own. Neither of you will escape from it. Both male and female Scorpio gets the match. Your partner is familiar about each others instinct and secret. Both of you are kind hearted and perceptive. It is great as it will help you to make the foundation of emotional base much stronger. In this combination each other will be able to communicate with the eyes of each other without speaking. In a zippy both of you will be able to pass on many information.

Determination and obsession will be able to keep the male and female Scorpio together. No one will be able to get into the love affair of both Scorpio partner. Scorpio is ruled by the Mars and Pluto. Mars is the early god of battle. It denotes aggressiveness, brave and passion in you. And Pluto controls the influence, obliteration and reincarnation of this combination. Mars and Pluto will help both male and female Scorpio to bounce back tragedy or disappointing loss. Scorpio is water element. Therefore Scorpios 1st impulse in love will respond ardently, deeply and overpoweringly. If both of you make a decision to express each other then it will never be in the midway. You have to permit your partner and say what your partner wants and what your partner feels and requires to you. Both of you are fixed element. Hence there will be no problem of lacking idea. Both of you like to take calculated risk.

If you long for passion then you should go for Scorpio native. It will be the love of Scorpios life.

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