Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Sagittarius girl

Scorpio is acutely practical. Scorpio has the ability to understand the secret of any person at twinkling of eye. Sagittarius is optimistic, luminous and badly sensitive. It will be a tough combination. Scorpio is water and fixed element. And Sagittarius is fire and mutable element. You will be some extent of obstinate mind but your partner will be flexible. If Sagittarius water sign does not trouble the fire sign in your relation at the initial stage then you have very good opportunity of getting victory.

Basically, Sagittarius is intellectual. A Sagittarius native does not have the potentiality for highly passion and emotion like you, Scorpio. Your partner has not sharp perception either. Normally, your partner is logical and ambitious. But Scorpio may make out that facts can be unreliable.

Sagittarius people are talkative. They are very good communicators. Sagittarius people love logical debate. But you are reticent. You will find yourself exhausted in this talk. If Scorpio wishes to debate on anything then Scorpio will be on firing interchange on opinions. Your lover watches discovery channel. Both of you are thinking exactly opposite of the other. But you are relaxed in watching action, drama or crime mystery. It will be disgusting to your partner. Hence your partner will disappear from room.

You, Scorpio are a sympathetic water element. But your partner is roughly candid native. Scorpio native wishes to get wedded. But Sagittarius is not prepared for this. Sagittarius wishes to delay the commitment as much as possible. The reason is Sagittarius feels he or she has many important things to do before get wedded. Your partner wants a little touch without any drama at the time of physical relation.

You and your partner will enjoy learning as a union. Touring may be beneficial for this combination. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Jupiter is the rule of Sagittarius. The planet Mars is the lord of battle. Mars opens the door of your determination and courage. If the planet Mars mix with Pluto then it denotes rebirth. Jupiter concentrates on logic, fortune and higher education. These planetary qualities will produce a confirm relationship.

Scorpio may get disappointed at the behaviour of Sagittarius. You may object that you adore your lover. Still, Scorpio possesses plenty of air and fire elements in Scorpios chart. It will make the combination fruitful. Hence both of you need to know each other very well before making a future plan. You should live together for sometimes. Thus you will be able to know whether you love your Sagittarius or not. Then take the decision.

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