Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Libra girl

Scorpio is the package of deep emotions and feelings. But Libra is brainy and analytical. You, Scorpio prefers to stay lonely. But your Libra is social. Libra likes to make many friends. Libra has a fondness to go in high class restaurant or attending official party. Libra also likes to attend in any cultural event. And now the question is will you find your real love in Libra? There is a possibility. But you have to effort hard.

Libra always gets busy over phone you cannot understand the reason behind it. Libra will also want to go with his or her partner in an outing. Libra is a marriage sign. Therefore, Libra people always wish to remain with their partner as they miss their partner a lot if they have to stay single. There is a possibility that you will go with Libra sometimes. But you will be busy in your thoughts. Libra wishes to drag Scorpio out from his or shell. It may happen that sometimes you will not say a single word at the time of lovemaking. It will be very hard to understand for a Libra native.

Usually, your partner wishes to hold a control in a particular field in this relation. If it conflicts with you then it will be a severe problem. Your partner wants absolute justice. Generally, a Libra does not make a conclusion if Libra does not get enough information. Scorpio needs not to share his or her emotions and feelings with Libra. Libra is capable of realising your feelings.

You will enjoy a great conjugal life. Libra will draw you powerfully. Libra is refined, elegant. The planet of love, Venus is the ruler of Libra. On the other hand, the planet Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. Both of you will be the witness of astonishing compatibility as these two planets are known as Celestial lovers. You have immense desire in lovemaking. You do not think that a relation may long last if there is no conjugal relation. You have the ability to feel your partner happy in bed. It will be a memorable moment to a Libra. Scorpios thinks the physical relation as a fate.

Libra does not share the compulsion of you with loyalty if Libra is sad. Scorpio may face problem if Libra feels lonely and weak to any other personality. You have to change your attitude. And if you really love Libra then nothing is impossible to you.

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