Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Leo girl

The combination of Scorpio and Leo is very old in zodiac. In spite of that it will works most of the time. You should go for the Leo native. But you have to be ready for installing lots of hard work in this combination. Scorpio is water element. Leo is fire element. It will be a flourishing one though it looks like horrible.

Scorpio native likes to be loved closely and completely. Having Leo as your lover you will fulfill your wish at the time of physical relation. Leo is kind hearted. Leo accepts everything openly. Leo does work in a large way. You, Scorpio wishes to get the power button of this relation. But your partner, Leo also wishes the same. Hence there will be problem of power struggle. Both Leo and Scorpio have excessively powerful personalities. Neither Scorpio nor Leo wishes to vacillate from the views. It will not be right thing. There is a probability to get fire from the warmth produces from Scorpio and Leo. Normally, the potency of Scorpio is much more poignant and extraordinary than a Leo. Scorpio possesses towering range of emotions and feelings. It is a true that Leo will not be capable to realizing the extent of feelings of you, Scorpio as you like to go to the details. Usually, a Scorpio native talks little. In the earlier stage it is easy for Scorpio to realize the affection of Leo.

Leo is ruled by the planet Sun. The smile of a Leo has the capability of melting ice. Scorpio is governed by the planet Mars and Pluto, jointly. The planet Mars is the warrior and Pluto is the owner of underworld. It is the reason for not making out the feelings or emotions of Scorpio. If you love your lover truly then you love him or her with all your heart. Scorpio provides hint to the individual whom Scorpio feels affection for.

Leo native is extravagant. But you are rational in case of investment. You may shock at the extravagant nature of Leo and ask to not to spend in that way. But majestic Leo will be discontented with restriction. This relation requires to be handling with great mind as both of you possess powerful personalities. You should not involve in fighting with each other. Do not stay stubborn. It has the capability of becoming a strong combination. So, Scorpio should go for Leo.

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