Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Capricorn girl

It will be an extraordinary combination. Capricorn native possesses very big ambition for his or her career. Scorpio will relate to it well. You are the sign of passion. Hence you feel it is strange if someone does not have any passion in someones life. You will wholeheartedly support the ambition of your partner. Therefore you will offer your partner any kind of help whether it is financial investment or anything else. Both Scorpio and Capricorn natives have an inclination to the safety life. Hence in this respect neither of you conflict. Scorpio is exceptionally skilful in negotiation. Therefore your honey will make profit from this quality of you. You like the practicality and strong foundation of your sweetheart. It will attach you psychologically.

Normally, a Capricorn native likes to work hard. In spite of this your honey will praise your attempt to turn away the attention of your honey form profession at times. You are very attractive. Hence you will not face any problem to do this. Both you and your honey will dance exactly in the same frequency of physical relation. Hence it is clear that both of you will be satisfied in respect of your physical relation is concerned. Scorpio and Capricorn will satisfy each other at the emotional level too. Earth elements like to stay in touch with body. Both of you are excessively tactile. As a result you and your lover will enjoy the vigorous physical relation.

There will be some moments when you long that your honey possesses the emotional potentiality to go through the depth of your feelings. But only few signs have the potentiality to go to the depth of feelings. And both of you are the right people to do that. You will be able to do that smoothly. The spectrum of emotional feelings of a Scorpio is much deepen and wider than maximum signs. But your Capricorn is not made like your way. Your honey will be captivated by how exquisite your lover feels with you. Therefore your honey will love you wholeheartedly in return. Usually, when Scorpio native falls in love, Scorpio wants full loyalty form the partner. But a Capricorn native commit simply and liberally without any expectation to you.

Scorpio is water element. And your honey is earth element. Hence this combination has the capability of producing an astonishing fresh start in life. So, Scorpio should go for Capricorn if you get.

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