Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Cancer girl

If Scorpio loves Cancer then Scorpio should go for this Sun Sign. It will be a good match. This combination will obtain full marks. Cancer native is highly emotional and empathetic. You also have the same nature. Jointly you will be able to build up a rich and cherished life which is situated at the top but last position among the all possible combinations. The combination of Scorpio and Pisces is the only combination which secures higher marks than this pair. Both of like to go along your mood. Cancer is water element. Scorpio also possesses the same element. Your Cancer makes out the requirement for powerful and spontaneous bonding. Scorpio is less flexible than Cancer. But your partner has the capability of flowing with altering events which may be a benefit to you.

The conjugal relation will be exceptional. At the early stage of this relation, the couple will surrender themselves into temptation. Both of you need to spend the entire day in romantic moods. Even you like to be romantic in kitchen! The most interesting fact in this relationship is you feel that both of you will be able to continue physical relation right through your life with your lover. Normally, a Cancer native has the inclination towards family. And you, Scorpio governs over reproduction. Therefore it will be a very fertile union. Your lover likes to take of his or her family. Hence you will enjoy that kind of home life which you dreamed of all the time.

There is a warning to you, Scorpio. Normally you wish to have a one and only great lover in your life. As a matter of fact, if you wed with wrong personality owing to pressure and situations then its outcome will be dangerous. Then this combination will not be long lasting one. Hence it is suggested to you that you should marry with your real lover.

Cancer as well as Scorpio has a fondness over shopping together. They love to build a pleasant living place. A Cancer native longs for security in life. But you, Scorpio wish to become powerful. Cancer is cardinal sign. And Scorpio is fixed sign. If this pair possesses similar wish then this wish comes true. Each other have the capability of compromising for greater good.

And finally, Scorpio really loves his or her partner in many ways. Hence you are suggested to clutch your lover. You should not allow Cancer to go.

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