Sunsign Compatibility of
Scorpio boy and Aquarius girl

An Aquarius native is highly educated. He or she is an intellect. Aquarius spectacular vision about the future is certainly drawn Scorpio closer at the very early stage of this relation. In spite of that it is a very tough combination to maintain. An Aquarius native possesses loose emotional tie. But a Scorpio is exactly opposite of this view. You are warm in emotion. You like to take attention to your honey. But your honey cannot understand what makes you a combination of obsession and passion. Aquarius native is familiar as he or she prides for his or her cool ambitions. You may ask your honey to become more ambitious. But your partner may astonish why you are not able to believe the fact. Hence your partner relies less on your instinct. You will stand up for explaining yourself.

Scorpion native is possessive. But your Aquarius is liberal. Your partner will not tolerate any restriction about loitering liberally. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Uranus is known as erratic planet. So there is a possibility that Aquarius rises up against boring schedule. But a Scorpio personality likes to maintain the routine. The reason is you let your life to progress without any sort of difficulties. The everyday life with Aquarius will feel you jingle. Aquarius will not heed you, especially at home. Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed elements. Therefore you will possess powerful point of view.

Scorpio is water element. Aquarius is air element. Air indicates intellect. Hence an Aquarius native undertakes his or her life as one opportunity to develop and looks at after another. But you are analytical. You seek for reason. But your partner looks for stimulation. So there is the chance to face difficulty in understanding each others source of thinking.

In this combination, Scorpio supplies the emotions and Aquarius adds the intellect. Sometimes, the indirectness of your honey will delight you as you attempt to figure your lover out. But it is a fact that after a while, this intimacy seems to end quickly. The reason is Scorpio will miss the emotional closeness what Scorpio longs for. If Scorpio adores Aquarius and get disappointed after reading it then the reason behind it is Scorpio loves his or her partner very much. Then this combination will be a good one. It is a fact that you have to try hard for making it a successful combination.

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