Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Virgo girl

The magnetism between Sagittarius and Virgo is the sharp mind. You are fire element. Virgo is earth element. Virgo likes to go through the details of anything. Virgo is resolute, tactful and expressive. It will be very tough not to respect Virgo. The problem is a Virgo native is workaholic. But Sagittarius likes to study or play. There is dissimilarity in respect of spending money. Virgo likes to save money. But you are exactly opposite of your partner.

This combination has to countenance many ups and downs in life. Sagittarius and Virgo both are mutable signs. Therefore both of you are adjustable. Virgo respects the undying confidence and risk taking ability to a Sagittarius. But a Virgo is more secure and careful. Your lover will not react fast. It may be a good matching or may not be. You want that your partner must perform boldly and confidently. But your lover wishes that you have to think sensibly before taking any risk oriented assignment. Your honey may request you to think prudently. You will be enamoured at the pragmatic attitude of your Virgo.

At the time of physical relation, Sagittarius will praise the fidelity of Virgo. You will also enamour at the lusty desire for physical relation of your Virgo. Your lover communicates very well. Very soon you will discover that you are fall in love on the style of lovemaking of your partner. Then you will be able to enjoy all the romantic moment with Virgo. But before that you have to do lots of thing. Normally your lover is reserved. After coming back from the office Virgo requires much time to get relaxed. But your warm attention is enough to get into the mood. So you have to excite your partner through verbal foreplay. It is very erotic to your Lover. Thus your lover gets the proper mood for lovemaking.

Normally, your lover worried about everything. But you do not think so much. Usually, you, Sagittarius will achieve what you longs for. Sagittarius is fire element. Sagittarius wants thrill and excitement to rule the life. But you partner needs to have faith in the personality of you as you find what your honey seeks. It will give the relation a happy moment.

As Sagittarius is fire element and Virgo is earth element, so it is tough to come closer for both you. but fortunately, both of you are flexible in nature. It denotes that if you try heart and soul then it will be a good combination.

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