Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Taurus girl

It is a very tough combination. If Sagittarius wishes this combination to get success then Sagittarius has to get ready to face few frustrating hindrances. Taurus is realistic. Taurus is an earth element. Your Taurus does not share anything of your wild optimism and buoyancy. Taurus likes to taking care the people who are associated with Taurus. Taurus is very close to his or her family. The stability of Taurus will attract you. Interestingly it will make you apart from Taurus also. The nature of Taurus is changing all the time. You may see that your honey is highly attentive, conventional and dependable. But in a moment you will see that your honey is oppressive and boring. Your partner wishes your commitment. But it is the matter you afraid of. You feel that it will like to death. If you withdraw yourself then your partner will become more possessive.

You should be taken care of that matter which will bring both of you closer. You and your partner hold similar point of view about finance and deal. If Sagittarius and Taurus both of you work as a combination then it will be a beneficial and fun making project. You illuminate your partners house with money and your partner illuminates your house with everyday service and works. Both are born to be worked as one. Taurus will not hesitate asking for help as the intellect and power of Sagittarius will make sure Taurus the victory.

You are fire element. Hence you will satisfy your partner at the time of physical relation. It will glow at the time of physical relation with your honey. You lust for utterly physical desire. On the other hand, your partner is sensual and fervent. But your lover is not as much romantic as you. The earthiness prevents your Taurus for a complete give in and it is what you long form your honey. You will make it simple to your partner though you do not make out the grounds behind it. Taurus may be surprised at the behaviour of you as you examine the physical relation very closely. If it happens then your partner will feel that the time is arrived when your honey has to surrender completely to you.

You are fond of reading and want to roam frequently. It is true that your partner cannot make out the needs of travelling but you will earn Taurus admiration in respect of your works. Your partner will also draw a good salary. So Sagittarius must try this combination despite you have to give your best.

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