Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Scorpio girl

Sagittarius is positive, glowing and badly perceptive. Scorpio is very realistic. Scorpio has the capability of making out the secret of any person at the blink of eye. It will be a hard mixture. Your lover is fixed and water sign element. And you are mutable and fire sign. Your partner will be some degree of stubborn mind but you are adaptable and flexible. If your water element do not mess the fire element in your lovers relation at the early stage then you have very good chance of getting success.

Sagittarius will enjoy the active conversation with Scorpio. You also love to talk about travel and love with your partner. Sagittarius will introduce Scorpio with all kinds of famous people. Scorpio will be excited and inspired by the influence of Sagittarius in Scorpios life.

Scorpio native is excessive possessive, powerful. Sometimes Scorpio will act as jealous. Your partner wishes that you are only for your partner. Sagittarius likes liberty. You will not be able to make a commitment to your partner as commitment is not the forte of you. Mainly you are intellectual. You do not have the potentiality for excessive fervour and emotion like your partner, Scorpio. Your Scorpio has not razor-sharp insight either. Usually, You, Sagittarius is rational and determined. But your lover may make out that facts can be undependable.

Your Scorpio is a kind water sign. But you, Sagittarius are more or less frank native. Your lover wishes to get married. But you are not ready for marry. Sagittarius wants to hold-up the commitment as much as possible. The reason is you feel you have many vital things to do before get married. As you are a bachelor sign, so you have a scare of losing the liberty after marriage.

You are talkative. Normally, you are excellent communicator. You have a strong fascination towards logical debate. On the other hand your partner is reticent. Your partner will find him or herself tired in this talk. If your partner wishes to debate on something then your partner will be on firing junction on opinions. You like to watch discovery channel. Both Sagittarius and Scorpio are thinking exactly opposite of the other. But your Scorpio is relaxed in watching drama, crime mystery or action movies. It will be horrible to you, Sagittarius. Hence you will leave the room.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is happy sign. If you blend with this kind of Scorpio then you will feel claustrophobic sometimes. You will be busy in fights with your lover. So, Sagittarius must think before going for Scorpio.

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