Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Sagittarius girl

The combination of Sagittarius and Sagittarius is very good. Sagittarius is exceptionally intellectual. Sagittarius personality possesses lots of knowledge. As a union both of you will live a life which is full of fun. The figure of a Sagittarius is athletic. It is the reason why the male and female Sagittarius attracts each other. Sagittarius is fire element. Therefore both male and female Sagittarius will possess plenty of fresh concepts. In this relation there will be no lack of energy in adventure.

Both male and female Sagittarius is optimists. So you are quite sure that you will not to face rainy days as both of you have an inclination towards savings the money. Most interesting fact about the male and female Sagittarius is both are talkative. You never get tired in talking to each other. You will discuss many issues like philosophy, social movements.

Both male and female Sagittarius loves to make physical relation. Both of you are bold, lusty and romantic. As both of you have good physique, you will get attracted to each other. Both of you like to go for journey even in your romantic moments. Both of you are happy go lucky kinds of people. Hence none will catch you easily.

Both male and female Sagittarius possesses immense desire of earning more knowledge. Both of you are liberal in nature. You are the master of balancing own interest. Sagittarius people are not jealous. Both male and female Sagittarius will be busy in his or her own venture. Sagittarius native is flexible. And Sagittarius individual is modern too. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Development is essential in this relationship. Your charisma and charm make you a happy pair to the world. As Sagittarius is fire element, so when two Sagittarius come together then blend to create a bigger fire. You are friendly and outgoing. It may be the reason for your downfall. It is true that you initiate many fresh ventures. But neither or you are attached with it till end. You will go for the next new project.

If there is any argument in this relation then it is not a matter of concern. Neither of you like to hold the grudge. Therefore the fight disappears completely. Now the question is which is the best part of a Sagittarius and Sagittarius combination? It is the blending and knowledge of you. So, whether you are male Sagittarius or female Sagittarius, you should go for Sagittarius partner.

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