Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Pisces girl

Sagittarius with Pisces is not a natural combination. Perhaps, both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs. So you are flexible and adaptable.

Most apparent difference between you and your partner is Pisces is sensitive and romantic. Your partner does not hide his or her emotions. Sometimes you will realise that your honey is more than sensitive. Pisces may not respond at the brutal honesty of Sagittarius. Pisces is loving and more attentive in nature. Sagittarius has to take the feelings of Pisces seriously if Sagittarius wishes to tie the knot with Pisces. But the fact is you often make mistake of sending away Pisces.

The plus point in this relation is your Pisces will love your mind, particularly your capability of thinking in conceptual and broad ways. Pisces will praise your courage that is enough to face big problems in life. Sagittarius is located in the ninth house of horoscope. It rules the questions of spiritual thoughts. Your lover is deeply spiritual also. Both Sagittarius and Pisces like to care. But the difference is that you care for entire society. But your honey cares for an individual.

Your partner will never fight with you, Sagittarius. Your partner will not interfere in your mater. Your Pisces will let you do what you like. Pisces remains busy in his or her thoughts. Sagittarius will respect the poetic capability and imaginative power of Pisces. Pisces does not feel pride for him or herself. Your partner is not concerned about him or herself. Your partner likes to help any wretched person. Your partner will urge you to donate some money in charitable work. Your lover likes to sacrifice for others. It will make you astonish how Pisces does it. Perhaps, you will respect this quality of Pisces.

At time of physical relation your partner will move to another planet. Your partner expects a delicate feeling every time. To your lover, physical relation is most valuable and strong expression between husband and wife. Pisces does not take this experience simply. Your lover enjoys each and every moment produces through physical relation. You should not take the lovemaking lightly. But the fact is you have different point of view regarding lovemaking. Now the question is will it work? It is not a classical bending of Sagittarius and Pisces. You are fire element and your lover is water element. In spite of that if you really love your honey then you will get success. Hence you should try for Pisces.

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