Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Libra girl

If Sagittarius falls in love of Libra then it is good. It will be a very good combination. Sagittarius is fire element. Libra is air element. Libra likes to make many friends. Libra likes to meet different people. Libra has a fascination to go to the social or cultural events. More precisely, a Libra cannot stay at home.

Libra loves to continue his or her good fortune. So Libra spends some additional time in bathroom. Your Libra is most elegant, polished and refined personality. Whether Libra is male or female, it is applicable for all Libra natives. Libra people like to maintain their style even in poor condition.

Sagittarius does not know about marriage. But Libra loves to be married. It is very small problem between you and your honey. Normally, Sagittarius denotes bachelor sign as Sagittarius gives emphasis on autonomy and liberty.

You will spend a happy family life with your partner. Your partner is excellent in entertainment at home. In respect of decoration, your lover has a tender, sophisticated touch. Your partner loves arts, music and social activities. If Libra has no works to do then Libra likes to pick the phone and dial the numbers of his or her pals. Sagittarius is not so tactful. Your partner is very tactful and gracious. And your honey will expect from you these kinds of nature.

At the time of physical relation, you have to be elegant and sensitive. You should not use bad language. It will certainly destroy your Libras mood. Your honey loves a simple touch. Sagittarius playful and lusty style will be alluring and exciting. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. And Venus is the god of beauty. If your Libra partner is female then she likes to do physical relation in dark. Female Libras possess curve which exhibits beginning in life and strangely most of these females are a little uncomfortable to not possess the slim buttocks and flat chest like a male. You need to handle the situation. You should blame the fashion magazines which your lover Libra reads. It is the main reason for her lack of self-belief. Females Libras have no idea about her gorgeousness. Hence you should tell her about it. But Male Libras are very confident though they enjoy getting appreciated for their appearances and the techniques of attraction to the other people.

Altogether it is a funny and pleasing combination. You should go for Libra. It is one of the best combinations in the world.

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