Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Leo girl

If two fire elements blend then it ignites. It is a wonderful combination. Definitely this combination will get full marks. Both Sagittarius and Leo are adventure lovers. Both of you enjoy powerful conjugal life. To get success in a relationship there is very much needed a good chemistry. And it is that combination which will provide the same. Leos bright nature blends your positive view. You will get joy getting Leo around you. Leo will help you to boost in social life. Your partner make dazzling introduction to other right through the life. Leo will shine in creative arts.

You have good flexible nature. But unfortunately your partner does not have the same. It will surprise you. So you have to ready for negotiating a little and convince. You have high intelligence quotient. So you will face any difficulty to talk with your partner into everything you wish. If you appreciate you lover then the bossiness of your partner will disappear in a moment. Actually, Leo requires appreciation like oxygen for surviving. You should not forget it. Sagittarius may face some sorts of problems sometimes owing to Sagittarius honest behaviour.

Neither Sagittarius nor Leo is practical. Sagittarius looks life as a drama, energy, full of zeal and feel of luxury. You, Sagittarius will definitely get success to fulfil your desire with your Leo. Leo likes to spend extravagantly. Normally, you are also an extravagant. But Leo will defeat you in a miles way. Leos fine and costly taste is famous. So, one of you has to draw a big salary. Neither Leo nor Sagittarius is fond of savings. So there is a possibility to come into miserable condition in respect of wealth. Be careful about that, Sagittarius!

Physical relation will exceed Sagittarius wildest thoughts with Leo under the cover. The nights will be full of romance. Both of you will produce heat through the physical relation. As your partner is creative, so you will not get bored in lovemaking. Your partner will find different style of lovemaking with you even in old age. Leo likes costumes. Sagittarius likes to go to the tour. Normally, Sagittarius possesses an athletic body. Leo will appreciate your body, Sagittarius.

Sagittarius will spend a golden relation with Leo. This relationship will have so much fun and love. It will be a precious blending. Hence you are suggested to accept Leo as your honey. It is combination which comes from heaven.

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