Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Capricorn girl

It will be a good combination. Sagittarius and Capricorn locate besides of each other in zodiac. It is an indication that Sagittarius and Capricorn are opposite to each other. If Sagittarius and Capricorn mix as a union then everything will start slow. Then you will feel that you do not possess much to obtain from each other. Your Capricorn partner will provide you business plan, or financial strategy. Your partner loves the mind of you. Your partner is attracted by your energy. Sagittarius always tries to make a happy outlook. In this relation both Sagittarius and Capricorn will meet many famous personalities and educated people right through your life. Both signs will blend and illustrate new people into the circle of you. You have the ability to discuss prudently with Capricorn. It is a big plus point to your partner. But after some time, you will feel a bit quenched by the conventional Capricorn. You are fire element and your partner is earth element.

The obstacles are apparent. You may feel bore down by your partners displeasure on your carefree mind. Your partner has some ambitions and ideas. Your partner likes to work hard. Your partner is very much determined to the enormous career of your partner. Will you like to help your partner in this respect? You like to teach people. After that you wish to travel all the summer in abroad for some sort of relaxation. Then you are busy in research. But your honey will not be capable of travelling like you; particularly a complete trip will be hard to your partner. Your Capricorn does not think that travelling should get priority.

Your partner needs some time for relaxation before getting to the right mood for physical relation. You should take care of your partner and tell soft and romantic words. It will help your partner to get excited. Apply a bit entertaining seduction early to charm your partner. After that you can move directly to your honey.

You are easy going. Sometime you are whimsical. Capricorn likes to go through the details. Capricorn is shy in nature. At the initial stage of relationship both of you will discover faults of each other. But after gets going it will be a smooth relation. Neither of you will be interested in finding faults after that. You may offer your partner glimpse of liberty which in nearly missing from the life of your partner. Capricorn is very responsible person. You will teach your partner how to take things easy. Capricorn will blame you for your reckless and hasty nature. Your partner will teach you to behave well.

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