Sunsign Compatibility of
Sagittarius boy and Cancer girl

It is a very tough combination. If you wish to make it success then you have to give your full effort. But it is not an easy task. You will many hindrances in your way.

Basically, Sagittarius is very much different from Cancer. Cancer is water element. Hence your lover is moody and exceptionally emotional. But you are fire element. Water and fire does not mix well. You are mutable sign. Hence you are much more adjustable and adaptable than your partner. Cancer will hesitate to make a change. It is very much difficult for a Cancer.

There are some positive aspects also in this relation. Your partner will take care of you from the deep of his or her heart. Sagittarius is certain that Cancer loves Sagittarius very much. Very few signs are capable of providing as much love as Cancer. Your partner gets hurt easily. Hence you should control your uncivilised manner. It may damage the caring soul of Cancer. If you come out with any hurtful things then it is next to impossible to get it back. Cancer will remember what his or her partner tells. Your partner has the memory like an elephant.

At the beginning of this relation, Cancer will live in tradition and feeling. But you will live a restless life. The emotional tidal of your partner will be a matter of concern to you to be acquainted with. On the hand, your honey can oppose to acknowledge the restless nature of you. Cancer is governed by the planet Moon. The planet Moon is the sign of emotion. But a Sagittarius is governed by the planet Jupiter which is the planet of judgment and common sense. Moon denotes love, attention. But Jupiter shows concentration of enlargement and cheeriness.

You will experience lovemaking with your Cancer which you never think of. You should not take this closeness with your partner lightly. Cancer is very much concerned about physical relation. To Cancer physical relation is like spirituality. You should appreciate your honey. In return you will obtain a bouquet of love. You will be pleased at the way of love of your Cancer.

With everything included and counted it is very tough combination to get success owing to the differences in your dispositions. But it will be a great combination if both you get success to patience. So, Sagittarius must think about it before going for Cancer.

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