Sunsign Compatibility of
Pisces boy and Taurus girl

In Taurus Pisces will get a great partner. Taurus is fortunate for you. Your lover is down-to-earth, realistic, sensuous and outstanding in lovemaking. You are exceptionally well in nurturing. You have great visionary quality. Your lover respects these qualities of you, Pisces. Your lover gets motivated through the way you help other people. Both Pisces and Taurus do lots of fun at the time of working together. The closeness with Taurus will be great. It will be a mature and happy relation with Taurus.

There are some trifle problems in this relation. Your lover is a bit materialist. But you are not materialistic in nature. Your partner takes pride after getting the positive outcome of his or her working hard. But you are enjoyed through charity and creativity.

The ability to pull down a very good salary of Taurus will help both of you in creative activities. You are highly thankful to your lover for this reason. If your partner turns a little bit selfish in respect of spending money then you will suggest your lover to make a philanthropic work or other positive activities for bringing good fortune. You do not concern much about money as there requires lot of time for earning money. You may utilize your time and effort in other important matters. You never expect that you will get the money back if lend money to somebody. You lend without any expectation. Your lover wonders that people take the advantage of your kind hearted nature. It is not that you are unaware about this fact. It is because of Neptune who governs over you. Neptune leads you to a self-sacrificing personality.

To you love is spiritual and ethereal. Your lover emphasizes the strength of touch. Your lover feels that powerful spiritual experience may not be required at the time of nuptial relation. It will confuse you as this concept is exactly opposite to you. But when you realize that your honey really loves you then this union will be a fine one. Casual physical relation appeals your deep feeling and blows out your spiritual love. Your honey takes time to make love. Your honey likes to enjoy all the experiences with you at the time of physical relation. Thus the bonding between two become much stronger.

You are loyal in relationship. Your lover is also loyal in this case. Taurus is dependable and resolute. So, Pisces, you need to think much about this relation. It will certainly work.

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