Sunsign Compatibility of
Pisces boy and Sagittarius girl

The combination of Pisces and Sagittarius is going to be tough one. Pisces has tactful and Sagittarius has straightforward approach in communication. Your lover may be blunt, uncaring and intentionally hurtful. This relationship will be full of arguments. It is enough to kill a relationship. Pisces is water element. Sagittarius is fire element. Hence, it is not a natural combination.

Most important difference between you and your honey is you are perceptive and romantic. You do not conceal your emotions. Sometimes your partner will realize that you are too much sensitive. You will not respond at the brutal honesty of your partner. You are loving and more attentive in character. Your partner should take the feelings of you seriously if your lover wishes to tie the knot with you. But the fact is Sagittarius frequently make mistake of sending away Pisces.

Sagittarius has athletic body. You do not have this kind of figure. You may be inspired by the figure of your lover and works out at gym for making your body fit and healthy. The positive side of this combination is you love your partners heart, especially Sagittarius capability of thinking in theoretical and broad ways. You will appreciate the courage of your lover which is enough to face big difficulties in life for Sagittarius. Your lover is place at the ninth house of horoscope. It governs the questions of spiritual thoughts. You are immensely spiritual. Both Pisces and Sagittarius love to care. But the dissimilarity is that your lover care for the entire world. But you care for only an individual.

In respect of physical relation, your lover is playful and entertaining. It is one more positive sign in this combination. But Sagittarius has lack of emotional strength which you desire from your lover. You have no problem if your lover does not tell funny jokes at the time of nuptial relation.

Sagittarius is unmarried sign. It is a warning before make a relation with Sagittarius. Your partner likes liberty. Your partner does not like to tell his or her ins and outs to anyone. So, there is a question in respect of commitment of Sagittarius. But normally, Sagittarius is loyal. You are also not in commitment all the time. Therefore, it is possible that this blending may work. Another positive side is both of you are mutable element. Hence both of you are adaptable. If this union gets success the only reason behind is that you give your best.

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