Sunsign Compatibility of
Pisces boy and Pisces girl

It is a bonding of hearts which challenges the limits of time and space. This is a combination where both male and female Pisces will enjoy the spiritual experience right through the life. You are imaginative, creative and spiritual. Both male and female are excessively sensitive and instinctive in feelings.

Only negative side in this combination is neither of you has tendency to save money. It will be a problem in near future. You have no inclination towards materialistic things. You are not realistic people. If one you possess some vital earth planets in chart then it will bring some practicality in this union. Neither of you has any schedule routine. You do not love to work in any schedule time.

You think that your valuable relation is the most outstanding combination in this world. Both of the Pisces are evenly committed to each other. Male and female Pisces together may turn into lazy, lethargic and disclose good and bad of each other. You will hardly able to set your limits. Two Pisces may become good friends and spouse as well. Both of you are adaptable to any condition.

The speed of the modern life will lessen your energy. Hence you should take some rest to regain the energy. Both of you want harmony and peace at home. In this way you admire and defend each others solitude. Yu like to help the needy people. Philanthropic or charitable work is your passion. You may become good volunteers also.

In case of physical relation, both of you enjoy good nuptial life. both of you will be able to satisfy each other during lovemaking. The reason is both of you know each others feelings and emotions. To both you physical relation is the union of two souls. You look nuptial relation as spiritual experience.

Neptune and Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces. You have immense sense of morals and principles. Both you live with a philosophical appearance as it is a sign of Jupiter. The planet Neptune is lord of abstract thinking, mystery and imagination power of Pisces. Pisces denotes service. You do well if you get motivated by a powerful initiating energy. The relaxed and unhurried nature is a good sign for both of you.

It will be the perfect combination if one of the Pisces adds some realistic thoughts. It is a supernatural blending which will be everlasting. Nothing will be able to break this relation.

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