Sunsign Compatibility of
Pisces boy and Capricorn girl

The blending of Pisces and Capricorn will be brilliant. Yu have visualization power. Your lover is ambitious. Capricorn will provide you brilliant economical and career suggestion to you. Your lover will support you all the time. The support of your lover will help you to reach at the top of achievement. Your lover is realistic and resolute. So, you will get benefit from your lover. Your lover has a good sense of humour. It will be fascinating to you to be around Capricorn. Pisces and Capricorn both enjoy your family and home. Your lover will be the main earner in your family.

Pisces is not sure about the emphasis or Capricorn in case of material world. Your lover is conscious about status. So your lover wants house and car of his or her own. Your lover may not admit this fact. But it is true. But you do not have any inclination towards these things. You think it is worldly and superficial. You are more soulful and spiritual. Your lover cannot make out the reason behind it. Capricorn may think of buying a beautiful ornaments, beautiful car or membership in a club. If your lover wants to discuss it with you then you just shake your shoulder and go away without interest. But if Capricorn tells that he or she wants to donate some money for poor kids or build a hospital then you will hear it with full attention. You will sacrifice your wish on behalf of others.

You are much more adoring and loving than your lover Capricorn. Your lover will enjoy the passionate attention of you. Capricorn may walk simply at the time of speaking with you. Usually, you have lack of self-confidence. You are not self-conscious. You always like to think for other people. You have a soft heart. You like to give loan to the needy. You do not expect anyone will return your money.

You are water sign. Your Capricorn is earth sign. These two signs will mix beautifully and produce a fruitful combination. During lovemaking, Capricorn has to dance with similar wave with you. You think that lovemaking is the ultimatum of a true love. If your lover does not care you with attention then there is a chance that you may escape. Once you leave then there is no chance to come back. Capricorn must remember the fact that Pisces has the ability to understand anyones body language easily. Altogether, it will be a very good match.

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