Sunsign Compatibility of
Pisces boy and Aquarius girl

Aquarius is mysterious, aloof and unreachable. It may be the cause of Pisces attraction at the beginning of this relation. But this attraction may vanish after some time. Aquarius is fixed element. So your lover is some extent obstinate in nature. But you are mutable element. So you are adaptable and adjustable. So you have to give much more than your lover in this union.

Pisces will enjoy the sparkling intellect of Aquarius. Aquarius is master in technical subject. Aquarius people have sharp mind. It may make the mind of Aquarius wild and distinctive. Your lover is quarrelsome too. Aquarius may become leader for his or her charismatic quality to the people. But Aquarius may not be strong enough to heart to heart relation. After some time you will realize that all glittering things are not gold. Your lover is ambitious, analytical and logical. Hence your lover never completely makes out your romantic and emotional nature.

Your lover wishes to provide you all which you desire most. Pisces is loyal and caring in nature. So your partner will be happy getting you as his or her spouse. You will easily get known all the wishes of your honey. Aquarius will surprise at this quality of Pisces. You will support your honey wholeheartedly to reach at the zenith of success. Aquarius will be grateful to you as your support helps Aquarius a lot right through the life. If once you start to believe your partner then you never leave your honey. You will sacrifice all you have on behalf of your sweetheart.

In case of physical relation, your lover is innovative and inventive. Your lover is exciting in lovemaking. Physical relation is most vital factor to your lover. But you wish for a spiritual love. You feel that physical relation is a meeting of two souls. Your lover may not satisfy or fulfill the expectation of you, Pisces. The reason is the approach of your honey is rather sparing time and demonstrative than mystical. You long the appreciation, interest and support of your lover before being engaged in nuptial relation. You have the capability of reading anyones body language at the blink of an eye. So, if your sweetheart gives a false impression then it will be shocking to you and this relation as well. If your honey is reluctant to give you what you desire then you will not carry on this relationship.

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